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Six Pack in 4 weeks (Extreme)

Thermo24, Thermo24 Intense & Six Pack Pill for Rapid-Action 6 Pack

LA Muscle Six Pack Pill in 4 Weeks has been purposefully designed to ensure it contains 3 of LA Muscle's best selling supplements.
  • SAVE £45
  • Less fat on your stomach and thigh regions
  • Lose fat, NOT water NOR muscle!
  • Used by both men and women across the globe

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Six Pack in 4 weeks (Extreme)
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Three best-selling fatburners - one great TV deal

Here's your chance to get that elusive six pack and abs in just 4 short weeks in this Six Pack in 4 weeks (Extreme) deal. LA Muscle are giving you three of their best-selling fat loss and weight loss supplements in one very special TV deal. The 'Six Pack in 4 Weeks' is the ideal combination for anyone who is after quick and effective weight loss. All three supplements are 100% natural with no side effects and work with your body to help you lose stubborn and unwanted fat - very fast!

This combination is used by both men and women who want to see a fast reduction in overall weight loss. Whether you are looking to achieve a leaner body or are finding it difficult to shift stubborn fat then this is ideal for you.

Thermo24: as advertised on SKY TV is an engineered formula for effective transportation of fat from HARD to shift areas, straight out of your body. It's incredible ingredients are especially effective for getting rid of fat from your stomach and thigh regions. It’s such a popular fat burner with millions of men and women around the world because it does exactly what it says on the tub – STRIP FAT! If you are after a nice firm, toned stomach with the elusive six-pack abdominals, Thermo24 is for you. Its ingredients are totally natural and safe to use without any side effects what so ever. Thermo24 is used by Miss England 2010 - Jessica Linley.

Thermo24 Intense: This ground breaking new weight loss supplement as seen on SKY TV uses 8 novel ingredients to metabolise fat straight out of your body in a very short space of time. It's unique cutting edge formula is amazing for rapid weight loss, which contains absolutely NO stimulants what so ever. It is very fast acting which helps to shift stubborn fat from all over your body in just days. The ingredients that are used by LA Muscle distinguishes this from any other fat burner in the market as the quality is noting but the best.

Six Pack Pill - The world's only guaranteed six pack abs pills with 100% guaranteed results. The Six Pack Pill doubles up the effects of the original 6 pack in 4 weeks deal, making it one rapid, extreme six pack combination. Nothing else is stronger and safer with zero side effects.

Directions for use

Take 1 of each capsule before eating 3 times a day.

Product Science

  • J Lipid Res. 2002 May;43(5):742-50. Tetradecylthioacetic acid prevents high fat diet induced adiposity and muscle hormone resistance. Madsen L, Guerre-Millo M, Flindt EN, Berge K, Tronstad KJ, Bergene E, Sebokova E, Rustan AC, Jensen J, Mandrup S, Kristiansen K, Klimes I, Staels B, Berge RK. Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Bergen, Haukeland Hospital, N-5021 Bergen, Norway.
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