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The World's Best Outdoor Gyms
by LA MUSCLE on 08.08.2017 03:42 pm
Gyms Around The World With Epic Views
CRAZED kangaroo RIPS UP Bodybuilding Champion
by LA MUSCLE on 18.01.2017 09:50 am
Debbie Urquhart almost killed by wild Kangaroo
Green Party to offer SEX FOR VOTES
by LA MUSCLE on 10.01.2017 07:17 am
Interesting new way of canvassing
WTF! No pants on the tube!
by LA MUSCLE on 09.01.2017 05:13 pm
Did you join the fun on No Pants Day
FREAKY! The man with the world's BIGGEST HANDS
by LA MUSCLE on 26.12.2016 08:57 am
Denis Cyplenkov is touted as the new Hulk
World's OLDEST man wants to die
by LA MUSCLE on 28.08.2016 12:36 pm
145 year old is ready to die
Woman injects 4lbs of FAT into her butt
by LA MUSCLE on 12.07.2016 09:55 am
Marlene Chinea wants to look like Kim Kardashian
Human Barbie says she was a WITCH
by LA MUSCLE on 09.07.2016 07:19 pm
Woman with the body and face of Barbie
SHOCKING: Men who marry DOLLS!
by LA MUSCLE on 30.06.2016 09:22 am
Men who prefer plastic over flesh
The world's fattest kid
by LA MUSCLE on 29.06.2016 06:02 pm
The boy weighing 192kg at 10 years of age
Body proud mum with 70" booty
by LA MUSCLE on 24.06.2016 08:49 am
Instagram star Raylynn has an unusual physique
The MONSTER of Iran
by LA MUSCLE on 23.06.2016 10:29 pm
Is the 25 stone Iranian HULK the biggest?
Gran with Britain's BIGGEST boobs
by LA MUSCLE on 13.06.2016 05:26 pm
Sharon Perkins spends £10k on 32MM breasts
Dwarf bodybuilder, STRONGEST man in the world?
by LA MUSCLE on 01.06.2016 05:48 pm
Dating 6'3 transgender, lifts 36 stone record
WTF is this? Man injects Synthol all over the place
by LA MUSCLE on 18.05.2016 12:27 pm
Here is a great reason to leave your body alone!
Man LOSES nose after 42 surgeries
by LA MUSCLE on 17.05.2016 12:44 pm
Rodrigo Alves was not happy with his body and face
Woman has 29 surgeries and REMOVES ribs for perfect figure
by LA MUSCLE on 14.05.2016 02:27 pm
Aleira Avendano gives new meaning to the words extreme surgery
Shocking arms of man known as the MONSTER
by LA MUSCLE on 23.04.2016 09:57 am
Check out what he has done to himself!
Miss Bum Bum has SHOCKING operation to restore VIRGINITY
by LA MUSCLE on 10.04.2016 12:15 pm
Indianara Carvalho decided it's time to be pure again...
EXTREME BODY SURGERY: Katie Price Lookalikes
by LA MUSCLE on 08.04.2016 09:41 pm
Mother and daughter go under the knife to look like their idol
SHOCKING: Tattoos that went WRONG!
by LA MUSCLE on 07.04.2016 11:28 am
Bad tattoo choices
Dwarf bodybuilder gets BIG
by LA MUSCLE on 07.04.2016 10:53 am
Bodybuilding gave him confidence and a ton of female fans
WATCH: Irish Tourist beats 15 Turkish Shopkeepers
by LA MUSCLE on 05.04.2016 10:46 am
Here is your inspiration for the day - Hit the gym NOW!
15 FREAKY Body photos that are NOT what they seem
by LA MUSCLE on 04.04.2016 09:33 am
Bodies caught in weird positions!
Model gets abs back 5 days after giving birth
by LA MUSCLE on 01.04.2016 11:26 am
Chontel Duncan had abs all the way to the 9th month
News reader gives viewers the SHOCK of their lives
by LA MUSCLE on 31.03.2016 06:49 pm
That's one way to pass her audition
Meet the world's SMALLEST bodybuilder
by LA MUSCLE on 30.03.2016 08:16 pm
He may be small but he is BIG!



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