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FREAKY! The man with the world's BIGGEST HANDS

Denis Cyplenkov is touted as the new Hulk

By LA Muscle on 26.12.2016 08:57 am


32 year old Ukrainian Denis Cyplenkov has the world's biggest and most dense hands! He is unsurprisingly an arm wrestling champion and has now been touted as the new incredible Hulk! Denis started going to the gym in his childhood and realised he had amazing strength early on and so began competing in arm wrestling competitions.

In 2010 and 2011, he won the Nemiroff World Cup which is considered to be one of the largest international arm wrestling tournaments. Denis is said to hold the record for the biggest biceps (64 cm in circumference) and the strongest man in Russia. And no, the following images are not photoshopped! They are REAL!

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