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SHOCKING: Men who marry DOLLS!

Men who prefer plastic over flesh

By LA Muscle on 30.06.2016 09:22 am


Just when you thought the Bizarre section of The Lounge could not get any more bizarre, comes the story of men who have married dolls! Take Davecat for example. He looks normal (ish) and says he met his first wife Sidore Kuroneko at a club in the year 2000. Well, with a slight twist in that he saved up $6000 and bought her online. Sidore is a RealDoll with silicon, human-like skin, tongue and other assets that make her basically a sex toy. As strange as it sounds, people like Davecat see her as a real wife and treat her like a real wife. In fact, Davecat is cheating on Sidore with a mistress, also a doll by the name of Elena Vostrikova. To further complicate his life, Elena is also a girlfriend of Sidore.

Davecat with Elena and Sidore

If you thought Davecat was a one-off, think again! Here below you see a Japanese man who is also married to a doll. He taker her out shopping, travelling, gives he baths, watches TV with her and pretty much treats her (it) as his wife! Senji Nakajima is 61 and already has 2 children. Unfortunately for him, his doll wife is not able to bear him any more...

Japanese man marries doll

In China a dying young man didn't want to leave a grieving widow. The solution? He married a doll. The wedding was extravagant and he has amazing photos to show for it.

Then you have the case of a Taiwanese man that has tried to appease the restless spirit of his dead wife by marrying a US Manufactured Barbie doll. Forty six year old Chang Hsi-hsum, married the 28cm (11 inch) plastic doll during an elaborate ceremony at his local Buddhist temple. The ceremony was like any other with the bride's family waiting outside the temple.

Finally for those who hate the thought of marrying someone plastic, below is a lady from Eastern Europe by the name of Valeria Lukyanova who is known as the "Human Barbie". She is all human with some adjustments to make her look like her plastic heroine. Now anyone marrying her would be considered 100% sane...
Human Barbie

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