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CRAZED kangaroo RIPS UP Bodybuilding Champion

Debbie Urquhart almost killed by wild Kangaroo

By LA Muscle on 18.01.2017 09:50 am


Former Australian bodybuilding Champion Debbie Urquhart has been attacked by a kangaroo near her home. Debbie was attacked as she went for a run near her home in Melbourne. The kangaroo jumped on her, pinned her to the ground and repeatedly kicked and punched her. Thankfully, due to her bodybuilding past, Debbie was able to fight it off.

The kangaroo was over 6 feet 5 inches and was making crazy noises, tearing up Debbie's clothes. Debbie fought it for a while but then decided to play dead as the only way to stay alive! After the kangaroo left her alone, Debbie ran the 500 metres back home to alert her husband. She needed over 30 stitches and says she is lucky to be alive.

Wildlife experts say it is unusual for a kangaroo to attack people like this unless it feels cornered or in danger. There have been over 90 sightings of kangaroos in residential areas of Melbourne lately and this is worrying some people. As for Debbie, she is looking forward to going back to work and putting the experience behind her.

Kangaroo attacks bodybuilder Debbie Urquhart

Aggressive Kangaroo



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