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Grow your muscles with this diet

International bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati's top secret diet!!

By LA Muscle on 02.08.2017 03:50 pm


The foods you eat can determine the overall gains you are making when it comes to muscle growth. When it comes to packing on pure solid, dense muscles, diet is the single most important part of your muscle building quest. It doesn't matter how hard you workout, if your diet isn't up to 'scratch' it will be mere impossible to achieve the quality muscles and 'V' shape you desire.

Quite simply, the body is heavily dependant on the quality of nutrition from the foods and supplements that you take in to help create an environment conducive to huge gains. It is therefore imperative to be eating the right foods at the right times for the ultimate growth and results you put into your training programme.

With this in mind, LA Muscle have teamed up with International bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati as he prepares for his next major competition in London. Eslam shares what he is currently eating to ensure he builds a solid body that will help distinguish him from the crowd. Checkout the diet below;


Meal 1:
Protein: 7 egg whites, 2 whole eggs and 1 scoop LA Whey protein
Complex Carbs: 60g oats (dry measurement)


During workout: LA Muscle Possessed with 10g BCAAs
Post workout: One serving LA Whey protein, Repo, 5g Glutamine

30-45 minutes after...............

Meal 2
Protein: 225g grilled tilapia / cod (cooked measurement)
Complex Carbs: 200g white rice (cooked measurement)

Meal 3
Protein: 225g turkey or chicken breast (cooked measurement)
Complex carbs: 250g sweet potato
Fibrous carb: 1 serving of veggies (150g, frozen or fresh) asparagus, brocolli, spinach, kale and or red peppers.

Meal 4
Protein: 225g turkey breast or fish (tilapia/cod - cooked measurement)
Complex carbs: 150g brown rice (cooked measurement)
Fats: 1 Tsp macadamia or coconut oil

Meal 5
Protein: 225g chicken breast, turkey breast or fish (tilapia/cod) cooked measurement
Carbs: 15og baked sweet potato (cooked measurement)
Fibrous carb: 1 serving of veggies (150g, frozen or fresh) asparagus, broccoli, spinach, kale and or red peppers

Meal 6
Protein: 250g salmon (wild caught)
Fibrous carb: Small salad with balsamic vinegar (low sugar)

Supplement list

Norateen Heavyweight II: For muscle size and strength
LA Whey protein: For protein
311 BCAAs for recovery
Probiotic for overall health and digestion

NOTE: Eslam consumes 6-8 litres of water daily

In conclusion, make sure to eat big to get big. Eat around the clock and continue feeding your muscles with the nutriton they require to stay anabolic and grow. Do not forget the inclusion of water, water is essential for muscle building and will make you 10 times more productive daily if you ensure you stay hydrated at all times.

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati

Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati



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