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Testo 250

The strongest Tribulus Terrestris Testo Booster

NEW SIZE: Full size tub of Testo 250 now with 180 Tablets (up from 60)! Can last 3-6 months!

For anyone looking to increase growth compound levels such as Testosterone, then look no further. Testo 250 is natural herb extract of the strongest Bulgarian "super" Tribulus Terrestris, with extremely high saponins levels. This is the strongest Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris you can get from a very particular crop grown in an exclusive region - hence the sheer strength and uniqueness of it.

  • NEW: Huge full size tub now with 180 tablets
  • Strongest Tribulus Terrestris Extract on the market
  • Dramatically increases strength & muscle
  • Can be taken by itself or with other supplements
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The strongest Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris supplement on the market - new formula

Testo 250 is a powerful 100% natural herb-based supplement, designed to:

  • Increase male hormones such as Testosterone naturally without any side effects
  • Increase strength and lean muscle mass
  • Increase training intensity and motivation
  • Used by many for libido and sexual energy

Testo 250 is an easy to take Pharma Grade Testosterone booster from a very particular crop, harvested at a specific time of year and it will naturally and dramatically increase Testosterone levels; a hormone essential for building muscle mass, maintaining muscle size, increasing stamina and strength.

Athletes and bodybuilders are especially attracted to the muscle-building properties of this incredible Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract due to its potency. THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS SUPPLEMENT. LA Muscle's Testo 250 is at Pharma Grade, making it the strongest legal Tribulus Terrestris extract you can buy. Accept no copies or substitutes and remember that Testo 250 is from a hard to come by crop from a special region.

Testo 250 by LA Muscle

Serving size - Tablet

Servings Per Container Size - 180 Tablets: 3-6 months


Per serving

High Pharma Grade Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris
250 mgs

Please note this product may come in a silver or white tub.

Supply: New super size 180 tablets

How to take: Take 1-2 capsules with a glass of water around 15 minutes before training. You can take 1-2 more during the day if you are a bigger size or a serious bodybuilder. Do not exceed the dosage.

Testo 250 makes a great addition to any of the Norateen supplements for even more results.

Testo 250 is not to be taken by anyone under the age of 18.

Supplements not medicines
LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Tubs

In line with LA Muscle’s Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a “ONE SIZE” tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.


Please note that LA Muscle cannot guarantee its products from being free of certain allergens. If you have a severe allergy to any ingredient including milk, soya, nuts, fruit or anything else that can cause you a life-threatening condition, we strongly advise you NOT to take LA Muscle supplements (or any supplements for that matter). If you are not sure or suspect an allergy, please see your doctor immediately.

by Jamie on 16th November 2023
Amazing addon with my norateens. Feeling strong
Was this review helpful? Yes (4) No (0)
by Wilton Haitchison on 14th October 2023
Was this review helpful? Yes (4) No (0)
by Samad on 11th September 2023
Amazing formula
Was this review helpful? Yes (5) No (0)
by Piotr Nowaczynski on 26th July 2023
good product worth the money
Was this review helpful? Yes (4) No (0)
by Frederik Tima on 12th July 2023
Is the most powerful testosterone i ever had I spotted chnges after few days
Was this review helpful? Yes (7) No (0)
by Chris Dunkley on 29th June 2023
I have mates that inject testosterone. This is close to that
Was this review helpful? Yes (5) No (0)
by Pawel Opozda on 6th May 2023
Was this review helpful? Yes (9) No (0)
by Gareth Talbot on 3rd April 2023
Good boost before training
Was this review helpful? Yes (11) No (0)
by L. Ahmer on 20th February 2023
Amazing product, feel much stronger after 3 days already at the gym with this.
Was this review helpful? Yes (14) No (0)
by S. Carter on 3rd January 2023
Amazing addition to my Norateens. This has actually made me so much stronger since i started using it alongside my Heavyweight II. Definitely recommend it.
Was this review helpful? Yes (17) No (0)
If I train twice a day, can I a take 2 tablets each time. So a total of 4 Testo 250 a day?
Asked by James Cowie on 20th February 2024

Hi yes but training twice a day if you are trying to get big will lead to over-training eventually.

Hi, Can this be taken along with Norateen Superman powder?
Asked by Daniel Smith-Cox on 2nd October 2023

Hi yes absolutely.

How many tablets can I take a day 4?
Asked by Paul Lynch on 16th September 2023

Hi yes up to 4 a day.

Can you take this with Norateen X and starman pro?
Asked by Jonny Wilson on 29th June 2023

Hi No, Norateen X should be taken by itself.

Hi you say its the strongest on the market but xxx selling there's for £12 and had 300mg just wondering what makes yours better ?? .
Asked by Adam Ogilvie on 12th January 2023

Hi, LA Muscle does not compare its powerful Pharma Grade supplements with other cheap inferior brands. It's like asking Ferrari why they are so much more expensive when a Ford Fiesta is the exact same car!!! LA Muscle's Testo 250 is 100% Bulgarian Trib and 100% Pharma Grade (not food Grade). It has been manufactured in exact temperatures, transported and kept in exact temperatures to ensure what you get is what was bottled. Others do not spend the money LA Muscle does on raw ingredients and everything else along the way. Hence why LA Muscle's supplements are so much stronger and the loyalty base is the highest level in the sports nutrition industry. Obviously, LA Muscle is not for everyone especially those who like cheap for the sake of saving money or not having money. LA Muscle is what professionals come to use when it matters even if they are sponsored by other brands That says it all!

How fast do testo 250 work Cheers
Asked by Geraint Edwards on 29th July 2022

Hi depends on the individual. Usually within 1-2 weeks.

Hi Will this improve on body composition and lean definition
Asked by Umer Fareed on 28th November 2021

Hi Umer yes it will.

can this be taken with, heavyweight 2 and extreme ?
Asked by billy smith on 22nd August 2021

Hi Billy yes it can.

will this help with gyno or will it make it worse?
Asked by billy smith on 20th August 2021

Hi Gyno is a medical condition and your really need to speak to your doctor about it.

Hi guys - I have low T, and i know all of your T boosting products and muscle builders have certain levels of ingredients that boost natural T levels, but which product specifically is your strongest for enhancing Testosterone levels? thx as alwayss
Asked by Kevin Allchorne on 8th January 2021

Hi Kevin, Norateen Gold is our strongest testo booster but you can stack products such as that with something like this one, Testo 250, to increase results.

Hey. Der stå man kan 1til2 før træning men hvor mange kan man tage par dag?
Asked by Dan Sørensen on 23rd October 2020

Hi you can take up to 6 pills a day.

Can I take these with the your bloat no more product?
Asked by Lee Eggleton on 27th May 2020

Hi Lee, yes you can.

What's the difference between this and testosterone booster ll
Asked by Tony Brownless on 6th March 2018

Hi Tony, both products contain different ingredients however they are both very effective testo boosters.

Hi I'm from Australia can this product produce estrogen if taken alone and can it cause bitch tits
Asked by Dylan Craig on 29th October 2017

Hi Dylan, no it cannot.

Do i take this 15 mins before my 20 mile bike ride.And when do i need take this again as i only cycle 3 times a week.
Asked by Dave Legg on 13th August 2017

Hi Dave, you can take 1-2 capsules daily to naturally increase your testo levels.

Can you take all year around
Asked by Aleem Irshad on 11th August 2017

Hi Aleem, yes you can but we'd recommend a 2 month on, 1 month off cycle for best results.

How many tablets you can take a day And can confirm there is no long-term effects on the body please
Asked by Aleem Irshad on 10th June 2017

Hi Aleem, no more than 2 capsules are required per day for best results. None of our products cause any adverse effects as they contain 100% natural ingredients.

Can Woman Take This Product
Asked by Danielle Levesque on 10th June 2017

Hi Danielle, yes both men and women can use all of our products.

Hi this wont help burb fat but will it boost the production of lean muscle as I am doing both weight training and working on fat loss same time
Asked by akmal yaqoob on 11th September 2016

Hi Akmal, yes it will.

Hi my aim and goal is to loose weight im 23 i do have enough enegry getting through my workouts i am taking fat burninh t5, would you think this is needed and also does it help burn fat quicker
Asked by akmal yaqoob on 9th September 2016

Hi Akmal, this isn't a fat burner. Try Fatstripper Intense, it's one of our best selling fat burners with natural caffeine for energy.

Can test 250 be taken before bed or just before workouts?
Asked by Billy Carrington on 31st August 2016

Hi Billy, yes it can be taken before bed too. Some people find it helps to relax them - though some find it gets them going so you need to experiment for yourself and see.

Test 250 bottle states 1-2 tabs 15 minutes before training. How many tablets can you take in a 24 hour period? I train twice a day occasionally so can I take 4 capsules a day?
Asked by graeme mclane on 19th March 2016

Hi Graeme, yes you can.

Can this be taken along side a pre workout drink or is it best to have one or the other, cheers
Asked by Adam Gray on 15th December 2015

Hi Adam, yes you can take this alongside other products.

Hi, can i take Testo 250 with Testo max day as Testo max day contains 750mg of Trib Terestris which is like 3 tablets of Testo 250? cheers
Asked by clayton hollins on 12th August 2015

Hi Clayton, yes you can.

I have got issues with my blood pressure and wondered if Testorone 250 Pre Workout test booster will have any side effects with regards my blood pressure? Also I am allergic to wheat, oats, milk and egg. What protein will you recommend for muscle?
Asked by Selva Mahesan on 29th July 2015

Hi Selva, we recommend that you refer this question to your GP with a list of the ingredients as they will be able to advise you better. Unfortunately we do not have any proteins that would suit you with your medical allergies.

Hi, im looking a for a lean muscle build and fat loss. A combination of norateen heavy weight, sculpt and vascular is ideal? Maybe add test 250 to the pack? What is recommended. Thanks
Asked by Mohammed Maaroof on 10th July 2015

Hi Mohammed, yes all of these products can be taken together and will work well when combined with a good high protein diet and intensive training plan.

Hi , can you confirm this product should only be taken on training days? AND Can be taken all year round without being cycled? thanks
Asked by BEN Marshall on 7th July 2015

Hi Ben, yes this product is taken only on training days. It can be taken all year round and does not require cycling.

Does this product have to be cycled, i.e. two months on, one month off? Thanks.
Asked by Dominic Berry on 27th June 2015

Hi Dominic, no this product can be taken all year round.

Hi ive just used Norateen11+ Norateen Extreme for 2 months can i now use Testorone 250 or do i need a break? Also when i do take 250 is it benificial to use 2 caps twice a day everyday or 1 twice a day? I lift big 3x per week/4 rest days.
Asked by BEN Marshall on 21st June 2015

Hi Ben, we would recommend taking a one month break in between cycles in order to fully benefit from the product ingredients. You can take 1-2 capsules of Testo 250 15 mins before training on workout days for best results.

Does this product contain 100% trib terrestris with nothing else added at all? Also is it Bulgarian trib?
Asked by scott jolland on 12th May 2015

Hi Scott, yes it is 100% pure with nothing added, as are all of our products. Yes, it is Bulgarian.

How many mg of trib in each capsule? And is the exact %of saponins known? Thanks
Asked by Syed Alum on 17th April 2015

Hi Syed, there is 250 mgs of trib per capsule and 40% saponins.

Testorone 250, can i take it only 15 mins before training, during the day and on non-training days?
Asked by Andrew Lashley on 12th March 2015

Hi Andrew, yes you can. You can take it up to 3 times per day.

How should I take these along with norateen heavyweight II ? As in how many times a day, how many pills etc?
Asked by John Gutierrez on 8th March 2015

Hi John, take 1-2 capsules with a glass of water around 15 minutes before training along with your Norateen Heavyweight II.

I have read in several reports that testoterone cream is safer than pills as the cream absorbs into the body and bypasses the liver unlike tablets. Also cream is not likely to give any heart problems.
Asked by Paul Owen on 3rd February 2015

Hi Paul, our products contain only natural ingredients so there will be no side effects resulting from their use. If you would prefer a testo-booster in a cream form we have our innovative Muscle Builder Gel.

Hi, can i take testo 250 after a course of vasculator? Also could i use it with norateen heavyweight 2? Thanks James
Asked by James Newberry on 9th July 2014

Hi James, yes you can, all of these will work in great combination.

Hi I have trouble swallowing capsules, can I put this in a glass out if the capsule and drink with water?
Asked by Richard Williams on 4th July 2014

Hi Richard, yes you can. Just mix the contents of the capsule with a liquid of your choice.

I'm a 59 year old male, 98kg and want to get back to 82kgs. Work has stopped me working out and cycling which is my main activity. Most of my weight is around the stomach and chest. .What suppliments should I use? Testro 250 and fat stripper. On BP meds.
Asked by Martin Hauan on 1st June 2014

Hi Martin, yes these products will work very together. Use them in conjunction with a high protein, low fat, low carb diet and if you are on medication please consult your GP before use.

Hi La Muscle I would just like to ask you a quick question if I took this testorone 250 would it help me to improve my testo levels to go higher and get more leaner?
Asked by Erdogan Ibrahim on 28th May 2014

Hi Erdogan, yes Testorone 250 will help you do exactly this.

hi do you only take this product on training days. thanks. Chris.
Asked by christopher o\'sullivan on 22nd May 2014

Hi i am 20 years old is it worth me taking this product and norateen products ?
Asked by adam nicholson on 22nd April 2014

Hi Adam, due to your age you will already have high testerone levels, however if you feel you require a boost and assistance with your training then this product is very effective and will help you achieve your training goals.

Can this product be taken aswell as a pre workout energy drink like grenade 50cal. or is this product the same effect as energy drink. also does this product help get quicker muscle mass gains and can it help the bodys speed at burning fat?
Asked by Ben Fuller on 14th April 2014

Hi Ben, yes you can take this alongside other products. Testorone 250 will assist with faster lean muscle gains, which in turn will help burn fat at a quicker rate.

Can I take Testorone 250 at he same time as Vasculator & Eclipse All in One?
Asked by Mr Shaun Crozier on 14th April 2014

Hi Shaun, yes you can. They will all work well together.

hi right now i got more definition and iam more leaner . does taaking this testorone 250 will have affect me to get more define and leaner as i dont want size/
Asked by fahd albreki on 14th April 2014

Hi Fahd, testorone 250 will help increase your lean muscle however if you are looking for a product for increased definition we would recommend Sculpt.

hi have thyroid promblem feel run down most of the time will testorone 250 help me in anyway dont do gym work but walk a lot allso what protoin would suit me best?? many thanks
Asked by Alec Brock on 13th April 2014

Hi Alex, this product is mainly a pre-workout supplement, however given your exercise routine we would recommend explosive creatine. LA Whey Gold would be the best suited protein for you.

can I use this with all the slimming products for cardio and strength? Will it help me in longer runs?
Asked by ravinder singh on 27th February 2014

Hi Ravinder, yes Testerone 250 can be taken all year round and with your runs it will increase training intensity and motivation.

I am 17 years old, can I take this product?
Asked by Ali Ibrahim on 8th December 2013

Hello Ali, As you are 17 years old it is not recommended that you take Testorone 250 as your body is already high in testorone and would not need any assistance producing it. We would advise to stick to protein for now, such as LA Whey, and you will be able to increase your lean muscle mass naturally.

can i take testorone 250 alongside with LA whey protein and how do i combine both on work-out and non work-out days?
Asked by abi mpi on 17th November 2013

Hello Abi, yes they can all be taken at the same time. Follow the product directions and take them every day, even on non-training days for best results.

Hi, is this banned by uk athletics? Also how long does it last in your system?
Asked by Imran Rahman on 11th November 2013

Hello Imran, The main ingredient in Testorone 250 is Trib Ter, which is a natural male hormone booster. It is perfectly legal and does not affect any drugs tests. Depending on your water intake, it will stay in your system for 14-30 days from when you stop using it.

I'm taking testorone 250 and la whey premium (testorone 15 mins before workout & whey 2hrs after workout) how do I continue to take these on a non workout day? When on a months rest from 250, can I continue with whey before & after my workouts?
Asked by Martyn Baker on 25th October 2013

Hi Martyn, on no training days you can take 1 Testorone 250 in the morning and one in the evening. You can also take 1 LA Whey shake in the morning and one before sleep. On the month off from Testorone 250, you would take LA Whey after your workouts on training days and 2-3 times a day on non training days (and training days). How much you take is dependant on your diet and how much general protein you are eating, how heavy you are training and how quickly you want results. We do not advise taking LA Whey "before" training.

Does taking this product as a pre workout supplement have side effects such as Gynecomastia or mood swings as i have seen this is a common trate amoungst a lot of t boosters? and also is this best to take with you whey protein?
Asked by chris marriott on 11th October 2013

Hi, no side effects. And yes you can take it with whey protein.

Hi La Muscle can i take Testorone250 with La Slim Whey the same time
Asked by Christopher Bautista on 23rd September 2013

Hi Christopher, yes you can.

Does this product improve male hormone levels naturally? Because ive read that, and i quote "XST has chemicals that might increase some hormones in animals. However, it doesn't appear to increase male hormones in humans."
Asked by wayne mclean on 10th September 2013

Hi Wayne, it sure does. Depends on what you read and from where! The internet is full of misleading or out of date information.

Hi LA I am on a break month after using Norateen Heavyweight II and Norateen II waiting to start Norateen Extreme. can I use the free Testorone 250 during this break month I am already using Explosive Creatine…..Thanks
Asked by chris cleall on 10th September 2013

Chris hi, ideally no. You should have a month clean of all male hormone boosters.

Hi I m 30 years old.and I don't do any kind of exercise at the moment.but I do feel like very energy less .should I take this product?should this product help me in term of energy level?
Asked by alpesh amin on 7th September 2013

Hi Alpesh, any male hormone booster would help you, yes. We do recommend exercising with supplements.

hi can i take Testorone 250 with eclipse same time
Asked by Albion Bega on 15th August 2013

Hi Albion, yes you can.

Hi How many tablets / capsules will be in one bottle / container
Asked by Syed Chisty on 11th August 2013

Hi Syed, 30 capsules.

Hi can I take testo 250 along with vasculator at the same time?
Asked by michael chambers on 26th July 2013

Hi Michael, absolutely.

Hi, i just started taking the testerone 250.. I am gonna try the testerone for two months, and then have one month off.. After the two months do i need PCT (post cycle therapy). Please advise. Thank you.
Asked by Sakib Malik on 1st July 2013

Hi Sakib, no you do not.

Hi im currently on medication for epilepsy... Will this product cause any side affects while using it with my medication?
Asked by tony kinson on 21st June 2013

Hi Tony, very difficult to say. This is really a question for your doctor. Please do not use supplements if you have a medical condition unless they have been OK'd by your doctor.

Hi, I currently use Creatine and on training days take Creatine approx 30 mins before training. s it ok to use Testorone 250 in conjunction with Creatine. Thanks.
Asked by Philip Stanley on 31st May 2013

Hi Philip, absolutely! Great combination in fact.

I am unsure about the use of testorone 250, i am worried about any side effects - i have read that using supplements to increase T is very harmful and could have a very bad affect on oneself in the long term.
Asked by Awais Rana on 29th May 2013

Awais hi! It's up to you really. Testorone is a natural male hormone booster and works with your own body. Use as instructed and it has zero side effects.

Hi, can I take Testo 250 on non-workout day?if yes when should I take it?
Asked by Gurjit Dhariwal on 29th May 2013

Hi Gurjit, yes you can. In the morning and evening.

Hi can I take this at the same time with Norateen II?
Asked by Rajiv Kumar on 14th May 2013

Hi Rajiv, yes you can.

Hi can I use testorone-250 with norateen II?
Asked by Rajiv Kumar on 13th May 2013

Hi Rajiv, yes you can.

hi which amount is better to get every day 1 capsule or 2 thx
Asked by yassine ammar on 9th May 2013

Hi Yassine, 2 would be better.

Hi Does if contain banned substances?
Asked by Jonathan Lawson-Brown on 6th May 2013

Hi! No!

Hi can testorone 250 be taken with fat stripper?
Asked by Gavin McAlister on 5th May 2013

Hi Gavin, yes it can.

Are you able to take these if you are in the military?
Asked by Lewis Robinson on 23rd April 2013

Hi Lewis, Testorone 250 boosts male hormone levels. As far as we are aware, the military do not test for this, so it should be OK. To be extra sure, you can avoid taking this product on the day of testing and a day before.

hi la muscle, im joining the ncaa athletic department soon and was just reading about banned products, is this supplement banned by the ncaa?
Asked by Nigel Plaskett on 20th April 2013

Hi Nigel, Testorone 250 is not banned per se. Any male hormone booster "may" show a positive if taken on or around the day of testing.

How many pills do u get in the testorone 250?and I've just ordered your platinum how much protein is in it per scoop I find it hard to find all the info on your site
Asked by Stewart Hutton on 16th April 2013

Hi Stewart, you can take 1-2 Testorone 250 capsules, 15 minutes before training with a glass of water. Platinum has 18g protein per serving (2 scoops).

Can you use this product if your only fitness training just ? Thank jonny
Asked by Jonathan Ward on 6th April 2013

Hi Jonathan, yes you can. Male Hormones are useful for all levels of training.

are there any reports of side effects while using this product if not is the product safe to use
Asked by carl dears on 31st March 2013

Hi Carl, very safe and no reports of any side effects.

Hi La Muscle, how often can i take testorone 250 i've been using it for a bout 1 month already?
Asked by James Stewart on 29th March 2013

Hi James! You can take it up to 2 months and then try having at least 1 month off it.

17/03/96 is the start of my 18 year on earth can i take this product
Asked by Kamil Shabkhez on 26th March 2013

Kamil hi, a mature 18 year old can, though most 18 year olds have plenty of male hormones. If you are getting on fine in the gym and making great progress, then there is no need. If you are low on energy, low on strength and motivation and struggling to build good muscle mass, then you can try it for 1 month.

Hello, Can these be taken by women?
Asked by Julie Taylor on 25th March 2013

Hi Julie, yes if you are doing weight training and wanting to get stronger and more muscular. Do not exceed the dosage and make sure you monitor your progress on them.

can I take alongside norateen extreme.
Asked by sean morgan on 25th March 2013

Hi Sean, Norateen Extreme is very strong and should ideally be taken by itself. You can take Testorone 250 after finishing Norateen Extreme.

Can I take this at the same time as norateen heavyweight 2
Asked by John Hurson on 24th March 2013

Hi John, yes you sure can :)

hi i am 18 year date of birth is 19.11.1994.can i take this testorone 250?
Asked by ALi Raza on 22nd March 2013

Hi! In theory, you can but at 18, your male hormone levels will be high enough and unless you have a medical condition, you won't really need extra male hormone boosters. If you feel you are low on male hormones, lethargic, not driven or not building muscles, then Testorone can most certainly help. Many people 18+ do take it and get benefits from it.

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