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Norateen Protein

Muscle-building protein (50g!), Testosterone Boosters & Creatine

Norateen Protein is THE bodybuilding protein for anyone who takes their training extremely seriously. Norateen Protein contains Testosterone Boosters, Pharmaceutical Grade LA Creatine as well as almost 50g per serving of the very best Gold standard 100% whey protein your money can buy. You also get Inulin for a healthy digestive system.

  • Almost 50g of protein per serving
  • Testosterone Protein formula for incredible strength & muscle
  • 5g Pharma Grade LA Creatine included



Norateen Protein is a brand new high performance super-protein supplement from LA Muscle. Norateen Protein contains the highest grade 100% LA Whey Gold Protein as well as 5g Pharma Grade LA Creatine and 700mgs of a proven Testosterone Boosting formula per serving - scientifically proven to boost Testosterone levels. Norateen Protein's natural Testosterone boosting formula works with your body to boost your own body’s strength & muscle building foundations.

Norateen Protein contains only the best 100% whey protein as used in LA Whey Gold, has no artificial additives, mixes instantly, tastes delicious and has a very high, almost 50g of protein per serving. Norateen Protein also has a high potassium to low sodium ratio which means it will help eliminate water retention and helps you in your quest for six pack abs. Most whey proteins do not have this ratio. By using Norateen Protein you get:

  • Increase in Testosterone day and night
  • Increase in strength in the gym way over and above normal whey protein
  • 40% increase in the amount of protein your body turns to muscles
  • 30% increase in size over and above normal whey protein
  • Much better recovery post workout
  • Healthy digestive system with the addition of Inulin
  • 100% whey protein, no cheaper protein sources
  • Almost 50g of high grade protein per serving
  • 100% natural and free of any GMO ingredients
  • Triple filtrated protein so there is no lactose - using Patented CFM process
  • No artificial colours, sweeteners, additives or flavours
  • High Glutamine for quick recovery and muscle building
  • High levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) for amazing muscle building
  • Highest Biological Value of 159+, meaning the most amount of protein is deposited into your muscles
  • Very high Pharmaceutical Grade Protein (not just low level food grade)
  • Ionic Exchanged, meaning only the best protein factions are chosen using this expensive process
  • Cold processed protein, so no denaturing of protein occurs. Most other companies use heat on their protein powder!
  • Wheat-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and halal protein
  • Virtually no fat in this amazing protein shake
  • Very low carbs in Norateen Protein, so it is ideal for those wanting lean muscle mass
  • High potassium to sodium ratio, meaning it is a true "lean protein" helping you get a six pack
  • Hypo-allergenic protein, therefore suitable for those who are usually allergic to dairy
  • Norateen Protein gives no gas, bloating, stomach problems or bad breath

If you make your training seriously and want the most powerful, yet natural, Pharmaceutical Grade (not just food grade) top of the range protein out there, then Norateen Protein is the very best your money can buy. Norateen Protein is available in luxurious Triple Chocolate Deluxe or Delicious Strawberry Silk, flavoured using all natural Stevia. Nothing artificial is added. Do not accept “me too” or cheaper alternatives. This is the one especially if you want a hard-core bodybuilding protein that puts lean muscle size on you.

Norateen Protein

Serving size - 70g (2 heaped scoops)

Servings Per Container Size - 31


Per serving

Energy (kcal)
Of which saturates
Of which sugars
Creatine Monohydrate
Vitamin B6

Strawberry Silk Ingredients

Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk) (Emulsifier: Soya lecithin), Creatine Monohydrate, Inulin, Natural Flavourings, Magnesium Oxide, Colour: (Beetroot Red), Sweetener: (Steviol Glycosides), Zinc Oxide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6).

Triple Chocolate Deluxe Ingredients

Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk) (Emulsifier: Soya lecithin), Creatine Monohydrate, Reduced Fat Cocoa Powder (Emulsifier: Soya lecithin), Natural Flavourings, Inulin, Magnesium Oxide, Sweetener: (Steviol Glycosides), Zinc Oxide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6).

*Nutritional info given is for Strawberry Silk flavour.

Add 2 heaped scoops (70g) to your LA Shaker with 400ml water or milk, and shake well to instantly mix. You can decrease/increase the volume of liquid accordingly, depending on personal taste preference.

Take Norateen Protein post-workout, before sleep and upon waking to enhance muscle growth and recovery.

Supplements not medicines
LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Tubs
In line with LA Muscle’s Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a “ONE SIZE” tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.

by Jason Dean on 11th February 2019
Best protein by a mile , rather pricey but you get what you pay for , shame there's no chocolate flavour anymore though!
Was this review helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
by Zaheer Ibrahim on 30th October 2018
Tastes great and 50g of protein!
Was this review helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
by Mark Davies on 4th October 2018
Top product, great addition to my own made protein bars.
Was this review helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
by Andrius Kromelys on 8th August 2018
Was this review helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
by zak amerian on 15th July 2018
All Norateen Products Amazing I used to be. 9 stone. No, I am 13 stone of muscle without risk of steroids.
Was this review helpful? Yes (2) No (0)
by Paul Landsborough on 21st May 2018
Tastes good and mixes easily. Great product.
Was this review helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
by Sergio Victor on 11th April 2018
Best protein supplement I’ve taken to date. Not only has it helped to reach my daily protein intake but significantly increased my strength resulting in more muscle gains. Excellent product.
Was this review helpful? Yes (6) No (0)
by Jordan Murray on 4th April 2018
Excellent protein. Noticed the difference straight away
Was this review helpful? Yes (4) No (0)
by John Murray on 19th March 2018
Excellent products Norateen Protein has made a huge difference to my training. At age 44 I highly recommend .
Was this review helpful? Yes (6) No (0)
by Glen Turner on 12th March 2018
I have used Norateen products regularly, and have had good results ,so I thought I’d give the protein a go
Was this review helpful? Yes (3) No (0)
Hello. I use Nuclear Creatine, but can I take Norateen Protein (already contains Creatine) together?
Asked by Young Cha KIM on 31st January 2019

Hi, yes you can.

Hi can I take this after my workout or I should take what is directed
Asked by amer khan on 20th January 2019

Hi Amer, all products should be taken as directed on their tubs for best results.

Can i take norateen heavyweight II and norateen protein both together. Do these products increase your weight as i wanna build muscle but don't want to increase any more weight.
Asked by Bhupinder Singh on 3rd August 2018

Hi Bhupinder, yes you can take them together. They will help add lean muscle.

Hi can I take Norateen protein with Norateen Gold. Which one should I take before and after weight lifting training?.
Asked by Mohammed Bilal Miah on 5th July 2018

Hi Mohammed, yes you can take them together. We recommend taking them as directed on their tubs for best results.

How does this product compare to “Complete” in terms of the ingredient L-Glutamine as there is no indication of how much it contains unlike “Complete”
Asked by Sergio Victor on 17th April 2018

Hi Sergio, Norateen Protein doesn't contain L-Glutamine.

can I use this while I’m trying to loose belly fat?
Asked by martin obideyi on 19th March 2018

Hi Martin, yes you can.

Is this protein same la extreme protein?
Asked by Abdallah Husain on 12th July 2017

Hi Abdallah, yes it is.

I take it upon waking up and train after 1 hour, is it correct?
Asked by Abdallah Husain on 11th July 2017

Hi Abdallah, yes that is fine.

Hi, can I use this in place of possessed ?
Asked by Frank Turner on 2nd July 2017

Hi Frank, no as it's not a pre-workout. It's a post workout protein supplement.

Can i take this with norateen extreme?
Asked by Paul Simpson on 20th June 2017

Hi Paul, yes you can.

Can you use testo 250 with norateen protein
Asked by TARIQ ISLAM on 15th June 2017

Hi Tariq, yes you can.

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