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Lennie Scudder

I always thought I was in good shape, but struggled to achieve the lean, defined look I sought after. My progression as an MMA fighter demanded a toned physique; this is where LA Muscle products really helped me achieve the body I required. I used a combination of Sculpt, LA Whey and the Six Pack Pill.

Not only did these LA Muscle products help me achieve my lean, toned physique, the website provided me with all the training and nutritional information I needed for my body transformation.

I now feel ready to take on any challenges I face on my way to becoming a UFC fighter.

I can honestly say without LA Muscle I would not have this body today!!!

Kieran Mitchell

My greatest achievements to date have been losing 4 and a half stones within 8 months with the help of LA Muscle products.

I was always conscience of my weight even at an early age. My aspirations for a toned physique were high but I lacked the nutritional knowledge and supplements to get me there. I stumbled across LA Muscle whilst reading a fitness magazine, they mentioned Fat Stripper and I thought I would give it a go. I started to see results with a few weeks, the fat was dropping and I felt far better than I had ever before.

I called LA Muscle for advice to aid my weight loss further and achieve a toned physique, they provided excellent nutritional advice and recommended I use Explosive Creatine for pre workouts and LA Whey for post. These really made a difference. I felt energized and could see my body transforming.

Now I can take my shirt off with confidence…Thanks LA Muscle !!

Matt Carlin

When I was leaving the army, I was reasonabley toned but I wanted more size, strength and definition. After researching into products and going to the gym I was recommended LA Whey and Norateen Heavyweight II by LA Muscle, so I thought to give them a try along with my training.

Wow, the results were amazing. Norateen Heavyweight II kicked in from the very next day. I felt my strength increasing instantly.
My Bench Press increased rapidly along with my Shoulder Pressing, Squats and Deadlifts. I strongly believe in compound movements as it has helped me to get to where I am today.

Along with the LA Whey and Norateen Heavyweight II I use Explosive Creatine. Explosive Creatine is the best Creatine in the market in my opinion. Tastes great, easy mixing, no after taste and incredible effects on muscle, size and strength.

I do a 6 week on 6 week off cycle with the Norateen Heavyweight II and Explosive Creatine however continue to take LA Whey every day. Pre-workout, Post Work-out and before bed are the fundamental times which I have found to use my protein.

I am now a full time personal trainer and continue to add more muscle and definition to my frame.

I thank LA Muscle for their great products and would recommend them to anyone looking for good quality products and fast results. They have contributed massively in getting me achieving the body that I have always desired.

Yasir Chaudry

When I was young I was always fairly slim with a skinny body but with a bit of a belly in comparison to my frame. Due to a broken leg and torn calf ligament, I rocketed up to 17 stone of mainly fat. I wasn’t happy with the weight increase and my mood reflected.

I then ran into various bodybuilding magazines and was impressed with the physiques which were printed. Immediately I wanted to take action and start to transform my body to look like a natural bodybuilder.

This is where the quest began. I researched extensively into training and dieting and found a very useful book by LA Muscle, The Body Kit Manual. I would recommend this to anyone out there who is into bodybuilding and fitness. It’s written very well and easy to understand. The book outlines all the vital information ranging from diet, nutrition, fitness, bodybuilding and general health and well being. With this knowledge my career started.

Within 6 months I lost 4 stone and was noticing unbelievable results in my training. I followed the book and incorporated supplements to my regime which have aided me to where I am today.

Fat Stripper & Fat Stripper Intense are fantastic products for rapid fat loss and getting the toned look. For pre-work out pumps Vasculator is the product for me. Instant pumps and vascularity every time and the comments received from friends and fellow gym members are so motivational it keeps me going.

To top off my supplement programme, Norateen II and LA Whey are a must. The taste and mixing of the protein is great and the best thing is that there are no cheap ingredients just pure quality whey. Norateen II is helping me immensely in adding more size, shape and strength every day. I would recommend this to anyone who may have reached a plateau or is wanting to transform their body.

Massive thanks to LA Muscle as they have been great in providing me with the supplements I need to grow as well for their help and advice.

I am only 21 and looking forward to achieving so much in the bodybuilding era……

Rob Wardley

My name is Rob and I am a personal trainer, I have been training for three years now because well, I was skinny! I was determined not to stay that way. Together with my knowledge of fitness and nutrition I embarked on a journey into the world of diet, fitness and supplements! The most asked question I get now Is how did you do it? So here is my diet plan.

Meal 1: LA Whey shake, Fat Stripper, 4 whole grain rice cakes with jam and a banana on top.

Meal 2: Fat Stripper, Tinned tuna, broccoli, 150g sweet potato.

Meal 3: Fat Stripper, Turkey breast, 150g sweet potato and 10-15 mixed nuts.

Meal 4: LA Whey shake poured on top of 50g of porridge with 10-15 mixed nuts.

Pre-workout: LA Muscle Vasculator Post-workout LA Whey

I also kept a daily log of which body parts I trained any cardio I performed and if I had eaten anything out of the ordinary. It was so handy to look back on this especially and noticed the difference it had made over time.

I wish everyone luck who is wishing to embark on the journey to fitness, mine has led me to many great places such as as being junior champion for the BNBF 2010.

Cindy Garcia

My name is Cindy Garcia–Lister, I am 27 years old and for most of life I have been active, however approximately four years ago I let myself go (a lot!).

I began to have pain in my legs, I found it difficult to walk in heels, difficult to enjoy activities that I love to do like long walks and I even had pains in my chest, all as a result of my diet and weight. This then affected me mentally and emotionally, I felt down, lost confidence and started to find comfort in food, unhealthy food!

I didn’t weigh myself as I just didn’t want to know. I do know that I was a UK size 16 at my largest. This may not sound very large however I have a petite frame. I needed a change! I made a change, well changes!

I totally changed my diet for a healthy one, began exercising again and started to take LA Whey and Explosive Creatine to boost my strength and increase my energy. After one year of hard work and a strict diet plan I am a size 6 and I have never felt better in every way. I am now a Fitness Model, I’m even looking to start competing this year and I am training to be a Personal Trainer.

James Walker

Hi my name is James Walker and here is a little bit about me and my weight loss journey, when I was younger I was overweight and well that is probably putting it politely.

Like most kids who are big I was bullied to the point where I left high school and the decision was made that I would be home tutored growing up was tough but there's a light at the end of every tunnel.

My confidence was shattered at an age where I shouldn't have had a care in the world. Like most people when I hit rock bottom and decided to do something about my weight I starved myself initially. Eating hardly anything and drinking a lot of water I was young and that reflected in my choices.

Then came the research I absorbed everything I could including the information on It was good sound advice not crash dieting but more of a way for life.

I began to eat six meals a day including taking LA Whey to help with my muscle growth and recovery and towards the end of my weight loss journey I would take Fat Stripper which has helped me blast away stubborn fat from my body in super quick time.

Chris Foster

The products I have used from LA Muscle are LA Whey, Sculpt, Vasculator, Explosive Creatine and Fat Stripper Intense.

I started off by getting the training side of it sorted first. I'd speak to other gym users and ask questions, and then i'd try out their exercises. I would always focus on technique and full range of motion as opposed to weight or quantity.

With the diet I started off like most people that want to get in shape and are new. I starved myself not literally but I thought by not eating much I would get lean which I did but I just looked skinny. So I'd spend hours on-line searching forums and websites such as la for nutrition tips.

For me it was being told I was overweight by a pro football club that really drove me into getting in shape. There is a saying I heard once on a favourite program of mine : " once you stop seeking perfection you may as well be dead". Whether your starting out or at the top of your personal physique goals, there is always something that can be bettered or something new learnt I have gone from being told I was overweight by a pro club to being an LA Muscle sponsored athlete.

Roger Snipes

I can’t say I have ever been ‘unhappy’ with my body, but there has always been that familiar feeling of ‘I know I can do better’ and I did.

I had always wanted to be a fitness model growing up and with the help of LA Muscle I have achieved that. One of my greatest achievements is being number one in Mr Britannia this was an honour but it didn’t come easily. I remember the early morning work outs. LA Muscle's Sculpt, a supplement I don’t think I could have done it without.

Now that I have achieved so much with my modelling even appearing on Good Morning and the Michael Ball Show. I am still hungry for more my next aim is to attend Fitness Britain on April the 17th it’s the qualifier for the finals which will hopefully lead to me getting my Pro Card in Natural Bodybuilding. I want to thank LA Muscle for putting everything into their supplements especially Norateen II as it's so natural I can still use through competition and of course for your help in getting me to the top.

Paul Bennett

As a personal trainer and avid gym user I understand the importance of quality nutrition and supplements to support maximal gains from my workouts. That is why I use the LA Muscle products, I use LA Whey after training to aid recovery and repair it has a great amino acid profile which makes it great for facilitating growth in the muscles and to stop muscle breakdown.

In the last month of my transformation I used LA Muscle Fat Stripper to lose the final amount of body fat needed to give me that lean look and to bring out the definition in my abdominal area. If i was feeling low on energy or needed a extra pump in the gym I would use LA Muscle Vasculator to really raise the intensity of my training session, helping me to increase my overall vascularity and pumps. This product was amazing for that.

As a final note I believe I wouldn't have been able to fully achieve what I did without the help of these products.Thank you LA Muscle!

Jordan Davies

Hi my name is Jordan Davies,

I have always played rugby and used the gym but used it more as a social outing rather than being that serious about it. The big turning point came when I started University and started playing rugby for my University rugby club.

It took a lot of research and determination for me to change my mentality and start training hard and eating properly, especially as a student. At the time of the first photo I was around about the 70-75kg mark and am now somewhere around the 91-93kg mark.

Because of my change in mind-set I managed to move up from the 3rd team into the University First XV and play in the BUCS Premiership. I feel a lot better in myself and a lot healthier, but I have to try really hard to avoid cravings and I do give in to temptation on occasions, but I think it’s good to treat yourself now and again.

Obviously diet and hard work are very important, but I have used LA Muscle supplements to give me that extra boost, I have used many but my favourites are Norateen Heavyweight II, Explosive Creatine and LA Whey.

Jamie Yates

Hi My name is Jaimie and I’m twenty years old. My journey into fitness has been an exciting one! It all started a few years ago. I was always interested in health and fitness and of course growing up and looking at celebrities, body builders and fitness models hoped that I would one day end up like them!

Of course in them real world hoping is not enough! Dedication determination and smart nutrition however is! I have a diet high in protein I use LA Whey religiously!

When I need to get extra lean for a photo shoot or to keep my abs on show and my body fat lean, I use Fatstripper by LA Muscle. No side-effects, easy to take and works fast.!

My goals for the future are uncapped I feel like I’m young in great shape and the world is my oyster I know I couldn’t have done it without LA Muscles help. Their great advice, supplementation and inspiration have always kept me striving for more. I am now a fitness model and a personal trainer to. My goals are to be on the cover of leading fitness magazines. To start competing in fitness/bodybuilding competitions all around the world! Then the icing on the cake for me would be to compete in Los Angeles amongst the best of the best!

Thank you LA Muscle – and remember everyone the world is your oyster.

LA Muscle

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