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Angie Weston

Hi my name is Angie Weston, You might recognise me from TV or in print from LA Muscle or even Flex magazine!

Many people may look at me and think I’m genetically gifted or have always been this way! Well the proof is in the pictures I really haven’t. I was fat! I was 13 stones and hated every single bit of it! I felt low depressed and had no motivation for anything and you can understand why when all I ate was junk food and Chinese takeaways.

The turning point for me was realising how unhappy I really was there came a point when I asked myself ….there has to be more to life than this? Luckily for me there was!

I began by cutting out the junk from my diet one takeaway at a time. I felt I needed this because years of junk food left me feeling bogged down and must have left some build up! I learned to train effectively in the gym and dare I say even began to enjoy working out! The 13 stone depressed woman soon transformed into a hot 8 stone chick (if I say so myself!).

Since then I have been going strength to strength I began competing and came a close second at FAME in 2006, 2nd in Musclemania (model Britain category) and even appeared in various magazines such as Flex, Zest and Pride which was a real honour. Looking at the way I was whoever though I would be the girl that ended up in magazines!

Now that I compete my mentality towards my body is completely different I see it as well oiled machine that needs regular maintenance! I look after my body with good supplementation such as LA Whey a great diet and of course plenty of exercise, just what the doctor ordered. If my Doctor would even recognise me that is!

Jade Smart

Hi my name is Jade Smart and I am an avid user of LA Muscle products. I started to train in 2008; believe it or not I started at the humble weight of just 51kg! With a 28 inch chest and with the help of both Nobese and LA Whey I not only grew muscle but kept my body fat to a minimum to! I now weigh 64kg (off season) and around 60Kg around competition time! With a 42 inch chest. So yes I have come a long way!

Although I trained hard and ate right I have to owe a big part of my success to LA Whey which tastes great and has been so effective for me any one who trains knows protein is damn essential! Nobese has been a godsend too keeping me lean and trim whilst maintaining the muscle I work so hard to build.

Very few fat burners have the ability to do that without costing me my hard earned muscle mass! So now I know I can approach the championships of Spain and compete in the amateur world championships with confidence. Thank you LA Muscle!!

Patrick Owen

Being 16 and over weight wasn't ideal at a young age. One of them was to enter the military for the Royal Marines and I knew being overweight wasn’t going to help! the other of course was my GCSES. After doing a lot of research and speaking to those more experienced in the fitness field. I decided to take a good quality protein to help me increase muscle and shed fat! However I was overwhelmed by what was on the market just typing in Protein on the internet yielded enough results to make my head spin! So all I could go on was the ingredients this made me realize how many Proteins on the market are packed with excess sugar or artificial sweeteners now that wasn’t going to help me lose weight or become healthier! LA Whey contained no artificial sweeteners and is a Natural protein through and through!

I trained hard taking a small break for my GCSES and have achieved so much for someone so young on my first competition I was placed third to then go on to the BNBF – British National Finals and that was only after training for a year! I want to thank LA Muscle for caring what goes into their supplements and essentially what goes into us! And hopefully inspire other young people to look after their fitness, rather then being renowned for sitting in front of the TV playing video games!

Ross Preston

Being a personal trainer and a fitness model, I have no room for error! I have to motivate and inspire my clients as I run my own private personal training business from North West London by showing them a good example through my body! Fact is it’s been a bit of a journey getting here there was a time where yes I had muscle but also a layer of body fat covering them up.

It was frustrating ‘of course I knew what I was doing I’m a personal trainer I thought. I focused so much on my diet and training I forget another important angle supplementation that’s where Fat Stripper came in which worked as a fat metaboliser breaking fat down and shifting it out of my body and it did just that!

Fat Stripper helped me lose the fat which was needed for my all important photo shoots and to really show off my abs!

Richard Bath

It started back in 2006 I loved playing football and consequently injured myself. Being a proactive person I began looking for supplements to help me heal and that’s where the journey began! I discovered and researched a whole host of supplements after all if one could help me heal could others help me build muscle? In short the answer was yes! Four years after I broke my leg whilst playing football I was encouraged to enter bodybuilding competitions.

Without giving away all my secrets the staple of my success has been LA Muscles Explosive Creatine for a burst in muscle size and strength and Norateen Heavyweight II for sheer size! most of us have our diet plans all worked out we know what’s right and wrong when it comes to food.

Our training takes some time and we begin to see results but supplementation I have come to believe is that accelerator that gives us the edge as you can see from the difference in my photos! I’m proud of my progress it took me a while to get here but I plan on staying! Achieving your goals always seems far away but persistence hard work and knowledge seem to be the key for me. Cheers LA Muscle for giving me the edge!

James Goracy

I always remember looking at before and after pictures in magazines of people who have lost weight and thinking how they achieved their goals, and what in the world had motivated them to stick to it! After many years of being severely overweight I would say desperation motivated the change! That was back in in 2007! I slogged away for 14 months to achieve a lean muscular body of course it was hard work but I had the determination to shed every last bit of fat.

I was determined not to have anything to do with that life anymore. The thing about weight loss is it takes time and we live in a fast food climate where we want results and well everything fast! So saying no to a hamburger today was going to pay off when? and I had a lot of weight to lose! So I needed to accelerate the process of losing weight I mean I wasn’t playing around here and it really did feel like now or never.

I remember the first time I called LA Muscle I had so many questions and thankfully they had the answers! I took a combination of Sculpt Nobese and Fat Stripper for two months and I’ve never looked back! I feel each product helped me tackle body fat with a different approach.

Continuing in my efforts once I had reached my ideal weight I needed something to keep me on track so I decided to enter the UKBFF body building contest I had to research into what it would take as this was my first competition in 1998! I remember being nervous as I was ‘the newbie’ on the scene but It paid off and I was deemed good enough for the British Finals in 2009. Now my supplement needs may have changed as well I don’t have any body fat anymore. I keep myself up to scratch using Norateen II pre competition.

As I always say when your body changes so should your supplements and LA Muscle always seems to have something I need!

My future goals are to qualify for the UKBFF British finals again just to make sure I still got it!

LA Muscle

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