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Fat Stripper® Trial

As seen on TV and used by athletes and celebs worldwide

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Gluten free
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Suitable for vegetarians
  • 100% stimulant-free
  • Especially effective for stomach, thighs and double-chin
  • 100% natural with no side effects
  • Strong appetite suppressant, gets too work in hours!
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7 days supply of the world's best selling weight loss supplement

Fat Stripper is the world’s best selling, no-nonsense weight loss, fat loss and diet supplement, ideal for those looking for fast and effective weight loss and fat loss. It is such a popular fat burner with millions of men and women because it does exactly what is says on the tub. Fat Stripper is science-based, safe and strong. If you want to eliminate body fat quickly using a fat burner with no side effects, then look no further.

Unique fat burning formula

Fat Stripper's unique fat burning formula contains L-Carnitine which is a very strong fat oxidiser and fat burner, great for weight loss and fat loss; this product removes unwanted fat from the body. Many fat burning products on the market just contain this ingredient and nothing else! Fat Stripper uses L-Carnitine as an appetite suppressant and that's just the beginning...

Powerful, 100% natural ingredients

Fat Stripper contains Choline which aids the liver in the breakdown of cholesterol. Inositol is added to transport nasty fat out of your body and lower blood fats and cholesterol.

Betan is an additional fat metaboliser and fat burner which has also been included in Fat Stripper for its powerful effects on weight loss. Methionine is a lipotropic agent and prevents excessive fat build up in the liver. This has also been included for weight loss and fat loss. As if all the above was not enough, you also get the very powerful Chromium Piccolinate, which is extremely effective in reducing body fat and overall weight loss. Chromium will help excess sugar go into your muscle cells, as opposed to your fat cells! Great for fat loss.

Fat Stripper works!

The next important attribute Fat Stripper possesses is that it does not give you side effects and does not contain ingredients that may give you heart palpitations so often found in fat burning supplements. Fat Stripper is a powerful and 100% safe fat burner that works fast for fat loss and weight loss. The metabolising, diuretic and thermogenic routes to fat loss should never give you side effects. People's quick goals are often classified as "fat loss, weight loss, six pack, slimming, diet, weight lose etc". Fat Stripper helps with all these weight loss goals and has been doing it successfully since 1998. Fat Stripper comes with LA Muscle's exclusive 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose apart from the excess weight!

The truth behind fat burning

You don't get fat overnight. It takes months or years to accumulate fat. Many products offer miracles, but generally fall well short. When you search the Internet for Weight Loss or Fat loss, you will get literally thousands of products. Only Fat Stripper is science-based, tested in the lab and the real world and has been on the market since 1998, selling in the millions in over 100 countries.

To lose fat and burn fat safely and permanently, you need to attack it from all angles. This means, you need to exercise, eat the right food and not at the wrong times. Fat Stripper is the world's strongest safe combination fat burner, weight loss and fat loss agent. Whether your goal is to transform your body from an over weight ‘couch-potato’ to an active, lean, enviable physique, Fat Stripper will aid you.

Still skeptical?

Check out what Muscle & Fitness Magazine had to say about LA Muscle's Fatstripper. Millions of men and women use Fatstripper to burn fat, lose weight or lose fat.

Read 20 tips for fat loss for effective tips to make Fatstripper work even harder.

Chosen product by Men's Health: Beach Body Challenge


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