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Body Kit System

The world's first 4 week designer re-shaping course

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A radical new body in just 4 weeks!

Everything you could possibly want to build a radically new body in just 4 short weeks. The Body-Kit system has been designed by some of the world's top experts to give you a muscular, strong, lean and ripped body in just a few weeks.

You have never come across such a complete and value for money system before. This synergistic system is so powerful that we guarantee you will feel its effects from the very first day you start the system.

You get 3 unique and wholly exclusive Activators, alongside the exclusive Body-Kit Manual (RRP £10). For a limited time...and guess what? The 3 Body-Kit Activators are not silly vitamin & mineral pills. They contain some of the world's newest and most effective products to completely renovate your body!

Activator 1 - muscle & strength activator

Activator 1 has been designed to kick-start the muscle building side of the Kit. In other words, Activator 1 will start getting you stronger and more muscular from the very first day you take it.

You take 3 tablets a day and you will start seeing yourself getting bigger and stronger within days.

Activator 2 - fat-loss & definition activator

Activator 2 is a strong fat-loss agent. This amazing triple combination product starts immediate work on changing the sugar distribution in your body, your fuel mix and direct fat-burning.

Activator 2 has no undesirable side effects (which you may get with other fat-burners) and starts giving noticeable effects a few days after you start your course.

Sculpt - lean muscle & toning activator

A true warrior in the fight against catabolism and fat. Sculpt will address catabolism by stopping your muscles from being wasted in between workouts and it is also probably the best known single fat loss product on the market today.

Sculptis great for giving you extra muscle tissue and getting rid of lots of fat from your body all at the same time.

The Body Kit Manual

The Body Kit Manual is your ultimate manual for the physique of your dreams. This 100 page book contains a new never-released-before training system, alongside some invaluable secrets to help you get an amazingly lean & muscular body in a very short space of time.

The Body-Kit Manual has been written with the help of some of the world's top bodybuilders, doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and experts in the field of human anatomy & performance. It has full colour pictures and is printed on quality smudge-proof paper.

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