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All about protein supplementation

Why you need protein



Protein is essential for any of you athletes and bodybuilders who do exercises which involve the use and breaking down of muscle tissue. The typical exercises are body-building, weight training, sprints, martial arts, boxing, cycling and most other forms of physical activity. Some so-called "experts" argue that protein supplementation is unnecessary and that we obtain sufficient amounts of protein through our normal diet. This may well be the case for the athlete who consumes vast amounts of meat and dairy products and does not exercise regularly. However, this scenario is too often not the case and if you are not supplementing your exercise programme with a high quality ionic exchanged whey protein powder, you're losing out! Many protein foods do not have a complete spectrum of amino acids, especially the Essential Amino Acids and Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) in them. Therefore unless you've got a degree in nutrition, you're probably not going to get it anywhere near 100% correct! This is where Ionic Exchanged Whey Proteins come in. They take the guesswork out and ensure that you've got high amounts of all amino acids in your system. More importantly, a quality source of Ionic Whey, will give you high amounts of GLUTAMATE and BCAAs. Don't forget, these are the amino acids which are most abundant in your muscles. If they go, then you can kiss adding size to your muscles goodbye!


Your muscle are made up of water and protein. (By the way, as a note: if you do not drink lots of water, you will not be as muscular as you can be!) If you do not take regular quality protein, you are not going to pack on muscle size or improve your recovery. The best environment for building muscle is where you have a constant supply of amino acids in your bloodstream. This ensures that your body need never go to its own supply of amino acids (in your muscles) to obtain energy. In simple terms, you need to take at least 1 gram of protein per 1 lb. of body-weight everyday. So if you weigh 200 lbs then you have to take 200g of protein. This is a very good start and will ensure that your body is in a strong muscle building environment. Almost everyone finds it difficult to ingest that much protein on a regular basis, unless you're a cook by profession in a non-vegetarian restaurant! However, you can easily do this by taking extra protein in the form of protein supplements.


As with most things in life, you have a choice between going for something which is cheap and a waste of your money or going for quality. You read above about taking a minimum of 1g of protein per 1 lb. of body-weight. Now, here a question for you:

"If you had 2 athletes taking the same amount of protein in terms of grams, but athlete number one took a protein which was complete in its amino acid spectrum with high amounts of Glutamate and BCAAs, which one do you think would get better results?"

Every protein is not the same. Yes, beans and lentils do have protein in them, but they do not contain all the essential amino acids or many of the non- essential amino acids for that matter.

When you take LA Whey, you get 32g of quality protein per serving. Even if you take half the serving size (1 scoop), you are still getting over 80% of the highest quality protein. A protein which contains a FULL SPECTRUM OF AMINO ACIDS, which include all Essential amino acids, the three BCAAs and Glutamate.

You cannot go wrong! This will ensure that even if the rest of your diet is not quite up to scratch, then at least you are getting a quality, muscle-building protein every day. For those of you who have a good diet already, then the potentials are limitless!

That's not all! Because LA Whey has a high Biological Value of 159, you can be assured that almost all of the protein is getting deposited into your muscles efficiently and quickly. After all, Positive Nitrogen Balance and Nitrogen Retention is what body-building is all about. You will notice unbelievable results when you start depositing quality nitrogen into your muscles.

It has taken many years of research and protein technology to get the LA Whey to its current level.

By using LA Muscle's Ionic Exchanged Whey Protein, you are getting the best and most complete source of protein for your body. You are also getting specially mixed flavours which have been designed for you, so that you do not get sick of the flavour. These flavours taste delicious, time after time!


The best protein source must have the best taste...and be free of additives and sweetners which may be harmful. LA Whey does not contain Aspartame. This cannot be said about many whey proteins (check the labels).Due to its high percentage of amino acids, LA Whey also boosts your immune system.

You only have one body, don't put rubbish into it. Use safe, effective and quality supplements and you will reap the rewards in the form of:

  • More Muscle size
  • Better recovery
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Less stress and a healthier body
  • More strength Try LA Whey and if you think it's not the best protein you can get, we'll give your money back! You've got nothing to lose. Start building a quality physique NOW!


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