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Get Big Fast

Amazing Value, just £99 & free delivery

The best value special offer on supplements in the world. Hurry, limited stocks... this one sells out fast!

  • SAVE £231 today (RRP £330)
  • 1 x LA Whey Gold 2.2kg, 4 x Norateen Heavyweight Trials
  • 1 x Norateen II, 1 x Sculpt, 1 x REPO, 1 x Vasculator Trial



9 Incredible Premium Products for just £99

LA Muscle's best ever offer is back by popular demand for a very limited time. This is a Limited promotion on some of LA Muscle's top supplements. You get:

  • 1 x LA Whey Gold 2.2kg - Premium 100% pure whey protein that lasts 1-2 months (choose from 5 delicious flavours)
  • 4 x Norateen Heavyweight II Trial - To kick start your muscle building into high gear
  • 1 x Norateen II - Improved & stronger natural muscle builder
  • 1 x REPO- Powerful muscle building amino acids in the correct ratios, pre & post workout
  • 1 x Sculpt - Patented CLA supplement for getting you big, lean and ripped!
  • 1 x Vasculator Trial - Muscle pump agent and Nitric Oxide supplement

This is an incredible offer, saving you £231 off the Original RRP for these premium supplements. Order RIGHT NOW for FREE UK delivery too...Hurry, allocated stocks are sure to run out...

***REMEMBER - You get LA Rewards points with this order too which go towards giving you free products!
LA Whey
Take 1-2 scoops immediately after training. Take 1-2 scoops upon waking up and/or before sleep. You can also take more during the day if you want more size.

Norateen Heavyweight II
LA Muscle's No.1 seller. Voted "Best Muscle Builder in Europe" by Men's Health. You get 2 weeks' worth to kick start your muscle building. You will see INCREDIBLE results in strength and size in just 2 weeks - guaranteed.1-2 capsules, 3 times a day.

Norateen II
100% natural, powerful muscle builder. You get a month's supply and alongside LA Whey and Norateen Heavyweight II, just see yourself getting big!Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day.

Follow the rest of the supplements as directed on each individual tub.

* Please note: LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.
by Christopher Billings on 31st July 2016
Top quality supplements as always from LA Muscle that have gave me that boost to get back in the gym,increase I gains and strength after the first week.
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by Cheryl Liu on 31st May 2015
I historically have always used Maxi products after much research decided to give this bundle a go what I will say is I am seeing the benefits in month 1 with no bloating like other protein supplements. A great overall bundle. Norateen makes a huge difference to my training.
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by Greg Lawrence on 12th April 2015
Great value !
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by Daniel Jamieson on 19th August 2014
Does what it says, good stuff get the most out of your training.
Was this review helpful? Yes (2) No (1)
by Mark Limon on 17th August 2014
Good gains after being on a plateau for a couple of months,would recommend this bundle
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by Richard Booth on 17th August 2014
When LA Muscle took an already great value offer and added Explosive Creatine for a limited time, I just had to take advantage of it! Very glad I did, as I'm seeing some superb results from this powerful supplement combo, in a relatively short period of time. Although LA Muscle is at the pricier end of the spectrum (justifiably so, in my opinion - 'reassuringly expensive', you might say), they have some unbeatable value offers, with Get Big Fast being a particular winner. Faultless and if you're looking for quick, solid gains in lean muscle, but not sure where to start with LA's supplements, Get Big Fast is a perfect start. A strong 5/5.
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by Jaroslav Ksenic on 17th August 2014
the best deal on the market
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by Chris Stirling on 17th August 2014
Great value for money
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by jon beacham on 9th July 2014
great value
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by DOROTA PIELLA on 2nd June 2014
Very Good.
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Does Norateen hw 11 (trial size )contain d-aspartic acid
Asked by abdul ali on 10th July 2016

Hi Abdul, yes it does.

The "Get Big Fast" stack offer -unsure how to take the products as the 2x Norateen heavyweight II will only last 2 weeks whereas the others will last longer? Norateen heavyweight will run out?
Asked by Farid Patel on 26th January 2016

Hi Farid, you can take all products according to their directions and the two week supply will still help add lean muscle when used with a high protein diet and intensive training program.

I have just bought the get big fast bundle, is there a recommended way to take the supplements and can they all be taken together for maximum effect?
Asked by Kevin Archer on 16th February 2015

Hi Kevin, yes they can all be taken together according to the directions on their tubs and when used alongside a high protein diet and intensive training program will help achieve great results.

i cannot find norateen ll on website?
Asked by JANET MCKINNON on 11th May 2014

Hi Janet, we do not have this currently advertised on our website however we have it in stock. You can contact our customer services on 0800 328 2345 to place an order.

Hi i have just bought this.... Do I take all products together?.
Asked by Robert Hutcherson on 7th April 2014

Hi Robert, yes you can take all of the products together for optimum results.

hi i have purchased the above can i take the norateen 2 with norateen heavyweight 2?
Asked by jamie martin on 4th March 2014

Hi Jamie, yes you can. These two muscle builders can be combined to maximise results. Simply follow them as directed and use alongside a good training program and diet plan.

When will this offer be on again?
Asked by Stuart Nathan on 11th August 2013

Hi Stuart, we can't give you an exact date, sorry.

I do mainly cardio and ab work, would this package help tone up my stomach
Asked by ian jones on 21st July 2013

Hi Ian, not really. The Six Pack in 4 Weeks Extreme would though!

Hello ladies and gents. Just purchased this. How do you recommend setting it up with respect to the fat / test supps? Will the sculpt diminish the effects of the Norateen if taken with same meals etc.?
Asked by Christian Moran on 30th May 2013

Hi Christian, you just have to follow the individual instructions on each tub. Sculpt will "enhance" the effects of Norateen.

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