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Six Pack in 4 weeks (Extreme)

Fat Stripper, Fat Stripper Intense & Six Pack Pill for Rapid-Action 6 Pack

LA Muscle Six Pack in 4 Weeks EXTREME has been purposefully designed to ensure it contains 3 of LA Muscle's best selling supplements.

  • SAVE £65
  • Less fat on your abs and thigh regions
  • Lose fat, NOT water NOR muscle!
  • Used by both men and women across the globe



Three best-selling fat burners - one great TV deal

Here's your chance to get that elusive six pack and abs in just 4 short weeks in this Six Pack in 4 weeks (Extreme) deal. LA Muscle are giving you three of their best-selling fat loss and weight loss supplements in one very special TV deal. The 'Six Pack in 4 Weeks' is the ideal combination for anyone who is after quick and effective weight loss. All three supplements are 100% natural with no side effects and work with your body to help you lose stubborn and unwanted fat - very fast!

This combination is used by both men and women who want to see a fast reduction in overall weight loss. Whether you are looking to achieve a leaner body or are finding it difficult to shift stubborn fat then this is ideal for you.

Fat Stripper: as advertised on SKY TV is an engineered formula for effective transportation of fat from HARD to shift areas, straight out of your body. It's incredible ingredients are especially effective for getting rid of fat from your stomach and thigh regions. It’s such a popular fat burner with millions of men and women around the world because it does exactly what it says on the tub – STRIP FAT! If you are after a nice firm, toned stomach with the elusive six-pack abdominals, Fat Stripper is for you. Its ingredients are totally natural and safe to use without any side effects what so ever. Fat Stripper is used by Miss England - Jessica Linley.

Fat Stripper Intense: This ground breaking new weight loss supplement as seen on SKY TV uses 7 novel ingredients to metabolise fat straight out of your body in a very short space of time. It's unique cutting edge formula is amazing for rapid weight loss, which contains no stimulants. It is very fast acting which helps to shift stubborn fat from all over your body in just days. The ingredients that are used by LA Muscle distinguishes this from any other fat burner in the market as the quality is noting but the best.

Six Pack Pill: The world's only guaranteed six pack abs pills with 100% guaranteed results. The Six Pack Pill doubles up the effects of the original 6 pack in 4 weeks deal, making it one rapid, extreme six pack combination. Nothing else is stronger and safer with zero side effects.

Directions for use

Take 1 of each capsule before eating 3 times a day.

Product Science

  • J Lipid Res. 2002 May;43(5):742-50. Tetradecylthioacetic acid prevents high fat diet induced adiposity and muscle hormone resistance. Madsen L, Guerre-Millo M, Flindt EN, Berge K, Tronstad KJ, Bergene E, Sebokova E, Rustan AC, Jensen J, Mandrup S, Kristiansen K, Klimes I, Staels B, Berge RK. Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Bergen, Haukeland Hospital, N-5021 Bergen, Norway.
  • Dickel ML, Rates SM, Ritter MR. Related Articles, Links Plants popularly used for loosing weight purposes in Porto Alegre, South Brazil.J Ethnopharmacol. 2007 Jan 3;109(1):60-71. Epub 2006 Jul 15.
  • Eur J Med Res. 2006 Aug 30;11(8):343-50. Efficacy of 12 weeks supplementation of a botanical extract-based weight loss formula on body weight, body composition and blood chemistry in healthy, overweight subjects--a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial.Opala T, Rzymski P, Pischel I, Wilczak M, Wozniak J.
  • J Med Food. 2006 Winter;9(4):451-8. Green tea extract thermogenesis-induced weight loss by epigallocatechin gallate inhibition of catechol-O-methyltransferase.Shixian Q, VanCrey B, Shi J, Kakuda Y, Jiang Y.
  • Expert Opin Investig Drugs. 2007 Mar;16(3):291-302. Alpha-lipoic acid: physiologic mechanisms and indications for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.Pershadsingh HA.
  • J Am Coll Nutr. 2005 Jun;24(3):172-6. Decreasing oxidative stress with choline and carnitine in women.Sachan DS, Hongu N, Johnsen M.

Serving size - Per tablet


Per serving

L Carnitine
Chromium Piccolinate
Green Tea (standardised)
Yerba Mate
Tetradecylthioacetic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Take 1 of each capsule, 3 times a day and watch the fat melt away.

This combination will last 1 month.

Supplements not medicines
LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Tubs
In line with LA Muscle’s Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a “ONE SIZE” tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.

by Miguel SANTOS on 28th October 2018
Combined with intermittent Fasting, Keto Diet and exercise I lose up to 400g/day.
Was this review helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
by Husnain Yaqoob on 31st May 2018
My go to product bundle to shift my yo-yo dieting weight! Awesome!
Was this review helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
by Nicholas Mayes on 20th June 2017
Dieting and training HARDER are not relevant as the results are great. First 8 days of strict diet and hard training resulted in a weight loss of 11lbs and the second week a loss of 6lbs, thank you L.A MUSCLE.
Was this review helpful? Yes (3) No (0)
by Mariyana Abi-Aad on 27th August 2016
Was this review helpful? Yes (2) No (0)
by kieron jones on 24th January 2016
This product was bought out of the blue, and I've got to say I'm fairly impressed. Ive only been using it for under 2 weeks and I've already started to notice a shrinkage of body fat around my abdomen and love handle area.
Was this review helpful? Yes (6) No (0)
by Mark Hillier on 28th September 2015
Was this review helpful? Yes (3) No (2)
by daniel tully on 22nd June 2015
Excellent product as always with la muscle won't give me a 6 pack in a month but certainly inches are coming off my stomach and fat levels are dropping
Was this review helpful? Yes (8) No (0)
by Simon Aldworth on 8th June 2014
I take this product as part of a bundle so it is not realistic to attribute all my rewards to this product alone. However it plays a contribution to my weight loss.
Was this review helpful? Yes (3) No (0)
by Agustin Palomares on 15th May 2014
Was this review helpful? Yes (3) No (0)
by Destiny Mebiradu on 14th August 2013
using extreme for over two weeks now and I have seen difference in my body.. hopefully when I finish the whole supplements I will be able to write more...
Was this review helpful? Yes (2) No (2)
Hi - hope you are well.. Could you tell me if its suitable for me to take this combo with Norateen® Black?,,,
Asked by RIZWAN DAR on 23rd October 2020

Hi yes you can.

Can you take the 6 pack pill extreme instead of the six pack pill with the other 2 supplements here?
Asked by Michael Harris on 2nd April 2020

Hi Michael, yes you can.

Hi, I bought the followings: 6 pack pill extreme, Bloat no more, Thermoxen, fat stripper, sculpt, fat stripper intense and slim whey. Can you please advice me the best way to take them (what and when).
Asked by Artur Santos on 6th October 2017

JHi Artur, yes you can. Take them as directed on their tubs for best results.

Hi, can I use Possessed with this fat burner pack to lose weight? Should I remove Possessed?
Asked by Artur Santos on 3rd October 2017

Hi Artur, yes you can.

Hi will this product show on a works annual drug alcohol test? Thanks
Asked by James Dickinson on 21st May 2017

Hi James, no it should not as none of our products contain anything illegal, only natural ingredients.

How long will it take to see results using this set thanks
Asked by Wayne Bishop on 4th May 2017

Hi Wayne, you can start to see results after a few days.

Hi iv just got back into doing weight lifting for the last six weeks but good muscle but I want a 6 pack fast but have a bit of flab on belly and sides will this defo get rid of my flab and give me a 6 pack
Asked by Wayne Bishop on 25th April 2017

Hi Wayne, yes when used in conjunction with a good diet and training plan you'll see good results.

Hi does the six pack in 4 weeks (extreme) special offer include 1 bottle of each or is it 2 bottles of each for £98.99 thanks.
Asked by andrew reiach on 16th February 2017

Hi Andrew, it's 1 bottle of each so 3 bottles total in the bundle.

If i take six pack in 4 weeks am i suppose to take the 3 pills at once 3 times a day? And what happens after i finish the product do i gain the fat again?
Asked by Ulises Vargas on 5th April 2016

Hi Ulises, yes 3 times per day with meals. You will need to maintain your physique as normal to keep body fat down. Using at least one of our fat burners for maintenance should help.

How long before meals is it best to take the six pack in 4 weeks stack? I.e. Immediately before you eat food or X,Y,Z minutes before you start your meal?
Asked by Nathan Lutz on 31st January 2016

Hi Nathan, around 5-10 mins before meals would be ideal.

can i take bloat no more as a link with the six pack in four weeks special?
Asked by Alex Liddell on 6th October 2015

Hi Alex, yes you can.

what is the best BMI before start to use Six Pack In 4 Weeks to get six pack within one month
Asked by Jianhua Shen on 16th August 2015

Hi Jianhua, BMI is not a major factor as it will be based on bodyfat percentage which you will want to be around 15% or lower.

What gives u better results six pack in 4 weeks or ab man deal
Asked by billy carrington on 26th May 2015

Hi Billy, they are both great bundles that guarantee results. Ab man contains products with more natural stimulants for energy and six pack in 4 weeks has less depending on your preference.

How long should I wait to exercise after taking the tablets? And does it matter when I exercise in the day
Asked by Lauren Maine on 7th April 2015

Hi Lauren, there is no time limit. Ideally take the tablets after meals and you can train at whatever time you prefer.

Hello,I know these tablets say for stomach and thigh regions will it help target all over body fat aswell as,cardio takes from all over the body Just wondered if it will only speed up target area that the bottles says
Asked by Lauren Maine on 5th April 2015

Hi Lauren, all of our weight loss products will help with overall weight loss as well as target specific areas.

Hi there. Iv been reading the questions a lot of answers and advice you give is about not lifting weight during the 6 pack bundle, but if I do the maximum cardio required(intense 5-6x per week) can I weight train in my spare time? Thanks!
Asked by Lauren Maine on 1st April 2015

Hi Lauren, yes you could however we would recommend incorporating weights into your cardio through methods such as circuit training. This would give the body more time to recover and achieve your results.

Regarding my last question can I continue doing weights and cardio while doing the six pack package once this finished then go on two the lean muscle package? Thanks Sam
Asked by Sam Shepherd on 7th March 2015

Hi Sam, yes you can although for weight loss when taking six pack in 4 weeks we would recommend doing mainly cardio and circuit training 4-6 times per week to achieve your desired results.

Hello, Is it ok to take the six pack extreme bundle along with the lean muscle package? Sam
Asked by Sam Shepherd on 6th March 2015

Hi Sam, yes you can however for optimum results we would recommend cycling them and focusing at weight loss and muscle building separately.

Can you tell me the caffeine content of each product?
Asked by Sam Higgs on 4th March 2015

Hi Sam, the only caffeine content in this bundle is in Thermo24 Intense in the form of Standardised green tea (100mgs), Guarana (100mgs) and Yerba Mate (75mgs).

Hey, so I just started to use the 6 pack in four weeks supplements, as well as the 6-pack toner gel. How many days per week should I work out to get the best results? The only fat I need to lose is in the stomach/chest area.
Asked by Dylan Szydlowski on 13th January 2015

Hi Dylan, ideally you should be training 4-6 times per week for optimum results.

Hi I'm 43 and taking the six pack in 4 weeks, seen weight loss already. Great product, my question is that I want to build muscle, I don't lift heavy weights I use the gravity machine, what product would you recommended to help me gain lean muscle
Asked by Andy Smart on 15th November 2014

Hi Andy, a great product you can take alongside this combination is Slim Whey, which is high in protein and will help add lean muscle quickly.

I am in lean shape. I have only stomach fat, i just want to remove that part fat i don't want to lose muscle so can i use this ??
Asked by kalpesh pansare on 20th August 2014

Hi Kalpesh, yes you can. This bundle will help you with your training goals and you can combine it with Sculpt to protect your lean muscle.

Hi can the six pack bundle, la whey (gold) and norateen heavyweight || all be taken at the same time to gain lean muscle
Asked by Ahmed Al-Maajoun on 14th April 2014

Hi Ahmed, yes you can, however we would recommend combining LA Whey and Norateen Heavyweight II with only one of our fat burners, such as Fat Stripper Intense, for optimum results.

can I get rid of my belly fat and man boobs by takeing this offer
Asked by mohamed atwa on 9th April 2014

Hi Mohamed, yes you can. Another great alternative would be a combination of Slim Whey and Fat Stripper.

Well I've got the insanity product that's on tv I dunno what to to get to help me with it I wanna get something that will be strong on the stomach and waist and legs I want to get into shape for June time could you give me tips please on what to buy?
Asked by Rory Julian on 31st March 2014

Hi Rory, this is a great pack for rapid weight loss and would be a good starting point for achieving your weight loss targets. We would also recommend Fat Stripper, which is excellent for shedding weight.

Can these be used with t5's what is the difference between this and the ab man pack?
Asked by stephanie middlemass on 24th March 2014

Hi Stephanie, we cannot comment on other companies products.

In regards to the two bundles, the difference is that they have different fat burners included in each bundle. Both are very effective bundles for rapid weight loss.

how old do u have to be to take this?
Asked by Dennis Cho on 11th March 2014

Hi Dennis, we recommend the minimum age to be 18 in order to use these products.

Would this be effective for generally fat people or does it only work if you have a small stomach and wish to get a six pack fast?
Asked by Umar Iddris on 8th March 2014

Hello Umar, this would be for the latter; people with a lower amount of body fat who are looking for assistance in losing it to show their six pack. If you have a large amount of fat to lose we would recommend a combination of Slim Whey and Fat Stripper.

Can I add six pack pill extreme to this bundle?
Asked by Richard Mc Barnett on 5th March 2014

Hi Richard, yes you can add this to the bundle to help optimise your weight loss results.

I have a fair amount of fat on my stomach,will this still help me lose my fat tummy If I use it for longer with excercise
Asked by Jamie Hibbert on 2nd March 2014

Hi Jamie, absolutely. These products have been specially formulated to help lose fat on your stomach and thigh regions when combined with a good training program and clean diet.

Hi, I am 106 kg, I have just started training in the gym and eating healthy, I have a kickboxing fight in may, I want to drop to 85 kg by end of may, will this help, in the gym I have been doing treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer and bike. Possible?
Asked by Shane Allett on 1st March 2014

Hi Shane, absolutely! This bundle has been created as the ingredients in the products work very well together at burning a large amount of body fat in a short period of time when combined with an intensive training program and clean diet.

Are these all suitable for vegetarians?
Asked by Basil B on 7th February 2014

Hi Basil, Yes they are all suitable for vegetarians.

I just ordered the 6 packs in 4 weeks extreme. How do I take the pills. Will it be 6 pills at a go, 2 each for each of them, for morning, afternoon and evening? Also when do I start seeing results, especially my tummy?
Asked by Jessica Omagbemi on 13th January 2014

Hello Jessica, you will take them as listed under directions, take 1 of each tablet, 3 times a day, preferably with meals. You should see results quickly depending on your training and diet. Ensure to follow a high intensity training program as well as a high protein, low fat, low carb diet.

I'm about to start the 6 pack in 4 weeks extreme and I have some questions: 1) should I stop or reduce my LA Whey doses (currently 3 x a day); 2) I will be doing 50 minutes cardio only and 3 x per week. Is that ok? 3) Can I use vasculator?
Asked by Artur Santos on 8th January 2014

Hi ArthurThank you for your question.The 6 Pack in 4 Weeks Extreme is an amazing bundle for weight loss. You can continue taking 3 LA Whey servings a day. One serving in the morning, one post training and a scoop an hour before bed. Make sure to mix it with water for best results. On the days you do not train, you can take it twice daily. For effective weight loss, we would recommend increasing your cardio to 5-6 times weekly as cardio burns calories and enhances your metabolism. You should mix it up to shock your body for continuous results. Using Vasculator is fine, no harm at all. Best of luck with your goals.

Can you take these while breast feeding?
Asked by Saleem Sultan on 12th December 2013

Hello Saleem, We would not usually see a problem with this, however we would always advise that you consult your GP for more information.

hi this is Tyler from my question is can you take other medication or supplements well taking the four week six pack (extreme)pills
Asked by Tyler Donda on 12th December 2013

Hello Tyler, Our products contain only natural ingredients so this shouldn't be a problem, but we do recommend that you consult your GP before proceeding with any supplements if you are already taking some form of medication or supplementation.

Can you take other medication or suppliments well using your products and is there a 100% guarantee
Asked by Tyler Donda on 11th December 2013

Hello Tyler, All of our products contain only natural ingredients, however we advise you refer this question to you GP for more information.

Yes, there is a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all of our products.

Would this be safe for diabetic women?
Asked by shah aowal on 18th September 2013

Hi Shah, in theory yes but this is really a question for your doctor.

I'm 20 despite what I eats or how I excercise I stay between 67-70kg with no apparent and I have a body fat of 15%. My arms are toned, but theres a good inch of fat on my belly! Will I see results without upping my game?
Asked by shah aowal on 18th September 2013

Hi Shah, Body Mass Index and Muscle to fat ratio is more important that "weight". It sounds like you really need to up your cardio.

Hi i have hypertension and taking a tablet once a day so far all been good and under control . i have taken XXX before .. my question is , is that ok to take this 6 pack in 4 weeks (extreme) for me ? please advice
Asked by Wong ShiauLi on 6th September 2013

Hi Wong, the supplements in 6 pack in 4 weeks are very safe and free of any side effects. However it is best to speak to your doctor if you have a medical condition.

What would eating fruit In between taking six pack in 4weeks extreme. Do
Asked by Richard Vanstone on 4th September 2013

Hi Richard, fruit in moderation is fine but too much fruit can raise blood sugar levels and lead to gaining weight!

Hi, been going to the gym for 5 months now, lost 2 1/2 stone,now 13 1/2. my body fat is 21%. visit the gym 4/5 times a week doing cardio and weighs. I've just started taking LA slim whey and sculpt. will six pack product help or do i need to loose weight.
Asked by myles griffiths on 26th August 2013

Hi Myles, yes they will definitely help.

Hi, is it safe to take 2 of each tablet 3 times a day?
Asked by Alan Mcnulty on 26th August 2013

Hi Alan, yes it is but don't take it for more than 2 months without having at least 1 month's break.

Can you use Scuplt with the Six Pack.
Asked by Rina Patel on 25th July 2013

Hi Rina, yes you can.

Hi,i have some fat stripper intense left over from a tub, can i take two fat stripper intense whith the six pack exreme?.
Asked by John Sneddon on 24th July 2013

Hi John, yes you can.

How long will the six pack last for?
Asked by Shivraj Singh on 20th July 2013

Shivraj hi, your six pack will last as long as you eat clean, not over eat and continue to exercise.

I've just completed a 1month course of Norateen Extreme and enjoyed great results. How long should I leave it before starting the fat stripper extreme cycle? Is there any effect on the liver/kidneys with these products and will sustained use cause any h
Asked by Robert Jones on 15th July 2013

Hi Robert, you can start straightaway. No side effects.

hi am taking sculpt caps. and slim whey, only have a weeks wotth of sculpt. does your body get used to aproduct? also out of all your fat loss caps which r best for fast results taken with slim whey, or should i re order more sculpt ? thanks,asha.
Asked by gwendolin richardson on 3rd July 2013

Hi! Yes the body can get used to a fat burner, that's why we recommend 2 months on, 1 month off for each particular product. All LA Muscle fat burners are quite strong. Sculpt is for fat loss and maintenance of muscle too. Fat Stripper Intense is pretty popular, though they are all as good really so your choice!

What is the best cardio exerice for six pack
Asked by Birbahadur Ale on 2nd July 2013

Hi Birbahadur, fast walking, stepping, stationary cycling are all good.

Hi, can all 3 of these products be taking at the same time??
Asked by John Wardropper on 29th June 2013

Hi John, yes absolutely.

Hey, I wanted to try this bundle for my holiday in July. However, I am also currently training for a half-marathon in September. Do these supplements have any effect on the cardio-vascular system? I.e. an increased heart rate, etc?
Asked by Martin Pinnington on 8th June 2013

Hi Martin. no they do not. They are 100% free of side effects.

I'm going to start this six pack in four weeks !!! Can I take la whey with this program or would u recommend that I don't ? Cheers !!
Asked by carl foran on 8th June 2013

Hi Carl, yes you sure can.

Help!!! I have been leaning down for my holiday! But this week I have notice a significant loss of strength on the gym. My diet is 2000 calories and I weigh 74kg. I am using the pyramid workout from your book with 3 sets of 8. Just generally tired.
Asked by Warren Rowe on 5th June 2013

Hi Warren, you may be over-doing it or under-feeding your body. You can try taking a supplements like Norateen Heavyweight II for extra strength, up your carbohydrates a bit and/or rest for a few days.

so at 16 I can take it and it wont stunt growth or anything
Asked by Berice Arthur on 24th May 2013

Berice hi, it shouldn't stunt growth. It just burns fat. If you are uncertain, please talk to you GP.

if your 16 and take this pill for a full 4 weeks will it mess you up
Asked by Berice Arthur on 24th May 2013

Hi Berice, probably best to take them one by one at that age and not all at once.

What workout do you suggest during the month of the abs stuff? No weights at all? Almost purely cardio? And if so how much per week? Thanks
Asked by Ed Robinson on 15th May 2013

Hi Ed, yes in an ideal scenario, no weights at all. You should do pure cardio; the more the better! As a minimum, 45 mins, 4-5 times a week. Also depends on how much you have to lose and what you want to look like at the end.

I still have a tub of Six Pack Pill so if i do the below 3x a day will it speed things up ? 2x Six Pack Pill 1x Fat Stripper 1x Fat Stripper Intense
Asked by Scott Palmer on 13th May 2013

Hi Scott, depends on your training too. Yes you can try it for sure and you should see great results.

What's the minimum age the six pack in 4 weeks can be taken at?
Asked by Mullac Eshkar on 23rd April 2013

Hi Mullac, ideally 18 but some 16+ year olds also take it, though you should not take it for too long if you are under 18.

Hi, I'm about to embark on the 4 week extreme six pack plan, what routine would you reccommend for this period? I'm thinking Ab work and cardio... Thanks
Asked by Lee Vincent on 16th April 2013

Hi Lee, Exactly. You will get the best results with as much cardio as possible. You don't need to do too much ab work. Twice a week, 30 reps x 2 sets of crunches will be fine but of course you can do more if you like.

Can you still take Norateen Heavyweight II whilst using these?
Asked by James Sturgeon on 13th April 2013

Hi James, in theory you can but you do have to remember that you can only achieve one goal at a time ideally. i.e. Six Pack Extreme is all about low carbs, lots of cardio etc and Norateen Heavyweight II is all about no cardio, lots of heavy, intense weight training and lots of carbs, protein...

Is it advisable to stop taking creatine and NOX based products whilst on a cycle of the six pack in four weeks?
Asked by Neil Barnard on 29th March 2013

Hi Neil, depends. Strictly speaking if you are really going for it with the Six Pack in 4 weeks, then you should be doing only cardio and no weights so there is no need to take Creatine or NO products during that time.

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