Why you will keep ALL your gains with Norateen Heavyweight II

…and how this is not the case with all products


The Norateen range of products are designed to increase strength and muscle size. Many products claim this but none have the track record of Norateen – best selling muscle builder since 1997.

Some people who see Norateen Heavyweight II advertised worry about whether it is natural, whether they will get any side effects, whether it will actually work and whether they will keep their gains once they stop using Norateen Heavyweight II. Let’s address these questions:

Norateen by LA Muscle

Norateen Heavyweight II IS 100% natural

Norateen Heavyweight II is a unique proprietary formulation of high grade ingredients which are 100% natural. They work with your body and actually get your own body to do the work.

Zero side effects, just great results

Norateen Heavyweight II has been carefully formulated by scientists. Every ingredient is in synergy with the other and totally in tune with your body. As long as you stick to the dosages and instructions, you will see fantastic results with no side effects.

Norateen Heavyweight II really works

No other single muscle building formulation has the history of Norateen. Look around. Norateen Heavyweight II is the most trusted supplement when it comes for guaranteed muscle & strength gains. Not only does it work fast, it also comes with LA Muscle’s unconditional 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t think it’s the best muscle product you have ever tried, you will get a full refund; even if you have used it all! Huge sales with insignificant returns since 1997 prove the power and reputation of Norateen Heavyweight II.

You will keep ALL your gains from Norateen – this is a guarantee

Most other substances and products artificially boost your hormone levels. By doing this, they may give you some results but the results won’t last. As soon as you stop using them, your gains will disappear. Unlike other substances, Norateen Heavyweight II’s ingredients work with your body to trigger your own body to product extra muscle & strength hormones.

The way Norateen Heavyweight II works is crucial in ensuring you keep all your new muscles. By working within the parameters of your own body in terms of trigger and monitoring, Norateen Heavyweight II ensures your body “grows with Norateen”. This constant monitoring means your body is up to speed by the end of your Norateen Cycle and hence it does not feel any different than before. Your body “believes” that the new super-size you is actually “you”!

Other substances do not trick your body this way. By using them, your body is always aware that it is being artificially stimulated and hence when you stop using them, the body goes back to what it believes to be it’s original shape, which is the smaller you!

Norateen Heavyweight II works a treat for beginners and advanced trainers. There is no other supplement that is like it or works like it or comes with all the awards, credentials and 100% peace of mind.



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Racerback for women

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Six Pack Pill Extreme

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Guaranteed six pack or your money back, NO RISK results in 1-3 days
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