Best supplements for boosting endurance

Supplements for cycling, triathlon and running


What not to take

Sugary gels, sugary beans, electrolyte drinks with the wrong balance and anything that does not address “actual” endurance building and actual recovery will not boost your performance and in many instances will hinder you through having negative effects such as unnecessary sugar rushes. Read what really works below…

Boosting stamina and endurance is a specialist field. To achieve your best in any endurance sport, you need to see your body as a machine and fine-tune it to become its most efficient self.

Fine tuning your body for peak performance requires attention to:

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Psychology and mental strength
  • Stress levels
  • Supplements

In this article, you will learn about what are the key LA Muscle supplements that can significantly impact and increase your performance in endurance sports.

LA Whey

Endurance SupplementsYour muscles are key to your endurance levels. Exercised muscles go through a constant cycle of breaking down, repairing themselves, breaking down, repairing and so on. Just like a pit-stop in Formula 1, you want the recovery period to be as quick as possible, so you can get back on the track ASAP.

Whey protein is a quick way of repairing and re-energising your muscles and helping them keep up with your endurance goals and the pressures you put on your body. Better than whey protein is LA Whey, which is the most bio-available and fast acting form of whey protein. LA Whey goes through several processes to make it far better than standard whey protein.

Take between 25-50g of LA Whey within 20 minutes of finishing your endurance event to ensure you quickly rebuild and rebalance muscle tissue and halt muscle wastage.

Explosive Creatine

Repairing your muscles is the tail end of perfecting endurance. The start is to somehow supercharge your performance. There are 2 ways to do this. One is to eat the right foods and wait a few hours for them to kick in, depending on what you have eaten (and what else you have eaten with it!).

The other is to take Creatine just before your endurance event. Ordinary Creatine may or may not hit the spot – depending on what you drink it with. Explosive Creatine on the other hand is scientifically formulated to increase performance, stamina and endurance and has been working amazingly well for elite athletes since 1997.

As an endurance athlete, you will not take the full dose of Explosive Creatine – which can also be used for extreme muscle gains. What you will do is to intelligently use this incredible supplement to fly past your competition and up your own personal bests.

Explosive Creatine is THE most advanced Creatine formulation with 5 uptake agents to seriously super-charge your body. You just mix it with water and drink. Everything your body needs to maximise stamina, performance and endurance is already in there.

To increase endurance, mix half a scoop of Explosive Creatine with water and drink before and/or during your event. Take another half of a scoop within 10 minutes after finishing your event. If you find that you need even more of a boost, you can take 1 full scoop with water just before your event. You will notice a significant improvement in your endurance with Explosive Creatine. This is 100% guaranteed.


A less heard-of path to building endurance is to minimize negative hold-backs. The biggest negative event that can happen during your endurance-increasing quest is stress and how it can attack and break down your muscle tissue.

Everybody gets stressed. This can be from work, home or just competing against yourself or others. Sculpt is a unique scientific product that halts the effects of stress and is imperative for anyone looking for maximum performance in any field.

Sculpt has the unique ability to block off the stress hormone Cortisol and ensure that muscles are protected against being eaten and are not ravaged by stress. This Patented super-supplement is 100% natural and very effective at protecting muscles from catabolism (muscle wastage) as a result of lack of protein, lack of food and stress.

As an athlete looking to be a lean, mean machine with maximum performance, you can take Sculpt 3 times a day to preserve muscle integrity.


The strongest pre-workout supplement, ideal for taking before a race, before competitions or working out.


Fantastic for intra (during) training or race as well as post race to enhance recovery.

Workout Recovery Active Gel

Massaging Workout Active Gel into your muscles after your event increases oxygen flow, helps recovery, cools and soothes them and improves your performance by acting like a quick-stop “medic” to get you back in tip-top shape.

311 BCAAs

If your muscles are very tired or you are a professional or very serious athlete and find that every little extra second taken off your time is crucial, then you may want to add some 311 BCAAs to your diet immediately after your training to further enhance performance.
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