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The economy of supplements

Protein rich diet that doesn't blow your budget


by Simon Howard

Supplements in the modern world

Our lifestyles change so much without us even realising. Just compare the way we live now to 10 / 15 years ago, mobile phones, emailing, and the internet to name but a few. Can you imagine our everyday lives without mobile phones or the internet. Luxuries soon become necessities, and the same applies to every area of our lifes. So how is this relevant to your health and fitness goals?

As you are all probably aware LA Muscle recently launched one of the best value proteins on the market Your Protein 5 kg. In my eagerness to trial this product I didn’t re-order my normal LA Whey 2.2KG.
Because of the huge demand for this product I was without my normal supplements for a few weeks. This is when it occurred to me that we forget how convenient and economical our supplements are. My normal eating plan is below, with and without protein powder

Without Protein Powder With LA Whey or Your Protein

Meal 1 - Eggs and oats Meal 1 - LA Whey and oats

Post training- Tuna and rice cakes Post training- LA Whey and rice cakes

Meal 2 - Oatcake Meal 2 - Oatcake

Meal 3 - Tuna, Ryvita, Veg and nuts Meal 3 - Tuna, Ryvita, Veg and nuts

Meal 4 - Oatcake Meal 4 - Oatcake

Meal 5 – Chicken, Veg, Oil Meal 5 – Chicken, Veg, Oil

Meal 6 - Eggs Meal 6LA Whey and peanut butter

That is a very brief outline of my diet. For more details please see my earlier articles. Anyone who has followed a bodybuilding diet knows a good quality protein supplement like LA Whey or My Protein yields approx 45g (2 scoops) of quality protein per serving. To get the equivalent protein you would need to consume approx:

  • 10 egg white with 2 yolks
  • 1 ½ tins of tuna
  • 1-2 chicken breasts (depending on size)

With solid foods the amino acid profile and quality can vary. From the outline above you can see how much more convenient a protein drink is! Also you are guaranteed the quality of protein content and amino acid profile in LA Muscle supplements. But aren’t supplements expensive? Below is a comparison of solid vs supplements per serving to yield 40 -50g protein:

10 eggs - £1.50
1 ½ tins tuna - £1.00
1 -2 chicken breasts - £1.50 - £3.00
Medium serving steak - approx £3.00

LA Whey serving - £1.00 per serving
Your Protein per serving – £0.40p per serving

As you can see from the above, supplements are just as economical if not more economical than solid food. Other benefits include long expiry dates on supplements and being able to buy in bulk.
It is easy to forget how convenient it can be to stay on track. I’m back on my LA Whey shake before bed it’s definitely much easier than cooking ten eggs. This brief article just covers the benefits of one product. There is a huge selection of LA Muscle supplements available to help you achieve your goals.






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