LA TV exclusively films the 3RUN Challenge!!!

3 Months, 5 Subjects, 5 Different Goals


Since the early 20th century (when audiences developed a taste for serial action movies) you could say that stunts and sequences on the silver screen have come a long way and progressed massively with each blockbuster release. Now with more thrills, spills and never-before-seen footage of the unimaginable, today's top action films have warranted their success to the people behind the scenes as opposed to the other way round.

From a two story leap onto a pile of cardboard boxes, right up to a 30,000 foot sky dive on a motorbike landing on rough, mountain terrain, it’s a stuntman’s job to coordinate, plan and execute a scene to perfection without risk of losing their life.

So when LA Muscle TV caught up with one of the world’s top action stunt groups, 3RUN, and asked them exactly how they do it, the answer wasn’t as simple as we’d hoped!

It’s quite clear this doesn’t happen overnight for such a talented group. It takes dedication, power of the mind, consistency and a thirst for success, and DAMMIT do these guys have it.

With days (sometimes weeks) of planning, 3RUN have successfully doubled up as stunt men for feature film Casino Royale, shot commercials abroad, worked with Television clients including MTV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and NBC as well as appearing in various top music videos and concerts around the world.


“3RUN is the art of freedom, open to everyone who is like-minded in searching to push their physical, philosophical, and spiritual boundaries in Parkour, Freerunning, Stunts and Acrobatics. It is also a community designed so that those same people can meet, share and learn. We have brought together a group of talented, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals based around one ideal: The Freedom of Movement”

Easy to see why their schedule is full to the brim if they all have the same take on life!

You can check out the full interview with 3RUN right here, exclusively on LA Muscle TV

LA Muscle TV wanted to challenge 3RUN and combine the best of what they do, with the best of what LA Muscle does.

Here’s the plan:

Documentaries on LA TV: 3RUN Challenge

3 Months, 5 subjects, 5 goals…

Shaun Andrews

Goal: Rehabilitation, fat loss and recovery from a shoulder injury
LA Muscle product to take: IP4

Chase Armitage

Goal: Improve strength and size
LA Muscle product to take: Explosive Creatine

Scott Young

Goal: Build lean muscle, recovery from a bad knee injury
LA Muscle product to take: Norateen Heavyweight II

Sam Parham

Goal: Rip up, build muscle
LA Muscle product to take: Norateen Hollywood Body

Cole Armitage

Goal: To rip up
LA Muscle product to take: Sculpt CLA BIG 1000mg

Each subject will be taking LA Whey 2.2KG throughout their workout

Full nutrition and training plan devised by LA Muscle expert Ben Lauder Dykes.

Check out Ben’s profile and ‘Sessions’ videos on www.lamuscle.tv

This fantastic programme will be exclusively documented step by step along the way and the first part can now be seen on the channel HERE:

Look out for Part 2!!!

For a chance to win LA Muscle’s No.1 selling protein LA Whey, up to date diaries of how the guys are getting on AND the products they’ll be taking, please visit behind the scenes at www.3run.co.uk



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