Get big at home in just 4 weeks!

Simple, free, effective muscle training routine


This article gives you specific training methods to get you looking muscular and big by just training at home. No gym memberships, no special equipment is needed apart from a Chinning Bar which you can get for very little money from any sports shop and hang it in your door-frame.

The idea behind this training method is to work the main muscles using your own body's weight and to progressively do more and thus get the body bigger. Stick to it and don't make any excuses.

Chins - The article will make reference to "preferred" reps. If you are very weak and can't even do one full rep, then do a half rep or a negative (coming down part) or stay at the top and do half contractions. "Something" is better than nothing, so do as many as you can but remember, you will be getting stronger and you will want to be doing more, working your way to full reps with a full range of motion.

Training at home to get big

Push-ups - You may be weak on these too so do as many as you can and when you are really struggling, do half reps or just half of the movement i.e. the contraction part (going down), several times or the stretching part (going up) several times.

Crunches - If you can't do a full crunch, do a half crunch.

- Doing "something" is better than nothing.
- Winning, starts with beginning - so BEGIN TODAY.
- No excuses. They are for losers and you are not going to be a loser.

Week 1

Chins Wide Grip - Full range of motion, going all the way down, then all the way up, 5 times (or more if you can) - This is 5 FULL REPS, slowly, full range of motion, contracting at the top and leaving the stretch at the bottom for 2 seconds.
Do 3 sets of these.

Chins Wide Grip - Go to the top at the contraction and do 10 half chins, coming down half way, going up, contracting, holding the contraction for 3 seconds and slowly going down.
Do 3 sets of these.

Chins Narrow Grip - Full range x 5
Do 3 sets of these.

Chins Narrow grip - Half range at the top x 10
Do 3 sets of these.

Push-ups on the floor, wide grip - 30 full range push-ups, going all the way down and all the way up (if you can't do 30, do as many as you can in good form). 3 sets of 30 reps.

Push ups, feet elevated, wide grip - Put your feet up on a stool or something about metre up, feet shoulder width apart - 30 x full range push-ups, this is heavier and more concentrated on the shoulder area. 3 sets of 30 reps.

Push ups, body elevated, wide grip - Put your hands on something about metre up from the floor (bed, bench) and do 30 x reps with a good range of motion. This targets your lower and outer chest. 3 sets of 30 reps.

Push-ups on the floor, hands close together (narrow grip) - x 30 reps, good range of motion and strict. This really works your triceps.

Crunches x 30
Crunches to the sides (left one, right one) x 30
Hanging leg raises from your chinning bar x 30


Same as Monday

Same as Tuesday

Same as Wednesday

Week 2
Add 10 reps to EVERY exercise, strict form, no cheating.

Week 3
Add another 10 reps to every exercise.

Week 4
Add another 10 reps to every exercise.

At home training

What you are going to see and experience.
You are going to see a nice V-Shape developing and your body will start looking bigger and stronger. The more strict you are with your exercises (without cheating), the better you will look.
Picture yourself getting bigger and stronger as you are doing the exercises and remember, backing out is not an option. Missing one or two reps will have an effect and won't give you the best results.

Eating plan for this regime
The following is not set in stone, so adjust it according to your finances, life, work pattern and commitments.

2-3 Toast with low fat cheese
Coffee + Grapefruit juice

Mid Morning
And/or protein shake

Rice/pasta or potatoes AND lean meats/eggs/tuna or other protein source AND vegetables like asparagus or broccoli

Mid afternoon
Banana and/or protein shake

Lean meats/proteins AND vegetables

If you get hungry, down a protein shake. You must also drink lots and lot of water every day.

The above regime is a good, proven regime for anyone that can't afford the gym, doesn't have time or doesn't have the space at home for gym equipment. There are more advanced versions which we will cover in future articles.

Recommended supplements for the above: LA Whey for sure and Norateen Heavyweight II, 2 tablets, 3 times a day. SEE and FEEL yourself get big.

Good luck!



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