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The Essential Supplements Needed For Bulking

Find out what you need to grow

By LA Muscle on 17.05.2017 04:12 pm


Supplements For Bulking

Adding muscle mass is, in theory, simple. Increase your calories, get plenty of protein and perform resistance training that forces your muscle fibres to rebuild and repair larger than they were before.

However, with the demands of a modern lifestyle, even meeting these simple requirements can be tough. Through stress, work routines and your day-to-day life, staying on track with a good diet and gym schedule can be tough.

Fortunately, supplements are around to help. As a way to aid your performance in the gym, help you meet your nutritional goals and even assist your muscle gain efforts, the right supplements can give you a much-needed push.

Here are the best supplements for bulking up, whatever your level of experience.

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is one of the world’s most common supplements, used by performance athletes., it is, quite simply, a way to boost your protein intake to ensure you’re getting a large amount of protein. The body needs protein to grow, and supplementing means you can quickly up your protein levels. The best time to take whey protein will be post-workout as it reaches your muscles quickly and is a great way to start the growing and recovering process. For best results aim to get around 1.5g of protein per KG of bodyweight. Whey protein powder helps you meet this target..

Be sure to use a whey protein that is high quality and free of artificial ingredients as these can be detrimental too your goals. LA Whey is the answer to this. Full of quality quality protein and packed with 49g per serving.

Mass Gaining Supplements

Mass Gainers

When you're trying to build muscle, your body needs more calories in your diet. A high calorie diet to pack on weight reaches from 2,200 to 3,200 calories a day (depending on age, weight, lifestyle and gender). In case you're experiencing considerable difficulties of reaching this amount, a mass gainer supplement can support

Mass gainers are high calorie supplements elevated to help you pack on the muscle. They contain differing amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other supplements. One serving of a mass gainer supplement can have from 320 calories to more than 1,000 calories and from 16 grams to more than 60 grams of protein. They can help digest food faster. When digested fast, the food is able to then move faster to the muscles, enabling the muscles to build faster. Mass-gainer supplements increases the body strength and also the energy levels. It will leave you feeling energised throughout the day. Apart from for muscle growth, it also helps the body with a good metabolism

There are many Mass Gainers around and to make sure your getting the best results and adding 'quality 'weight' you need to ensure you take a quality Mass Gaining supplement. LA Muscle LA WheyMass Gainer. This is a delicious all-in-one calorie and nutrient dense protein supplement formulated for anyone looking to significantly bulk up and increase muscle mass in as little as one week. This amazing weight gain supplements gives you an incredible dual-protein with almost 50g of protein per serving. You get 223g of carbohydrates and over 1000 calories for a superior weight-gain formula unlike any other. LA Whey Mass Gainer will not make you fat. It will make you big and muscular.

Mass Gaining Supplements


Creatine is one of the most scientifically researched performance supplement in the world. Creatine itself is a non-essential dietary compound found in fish, meat and also naturally occurring in the human body. It is stored in our muscle cells and is used to power high intensity muscle contractors.

Due to the low amount in the body, supplementing with creatine has proven effective by increasing the energy supplied to muscle cells – which means you can get extra energy during periods of high intensity, short burst resistance training. Creatine allows a lifter to get through a few more reps, by decreasing time to exhaustion.

For someone looking to bulk up, the more weight or reps you can lift, the better overall muscle breakdown and repair you’ll achieve. Checkout LA Muscle Explosive Creatine.

Explosive Creatine's specialist formula contains 5 of the most effective uptake agents and has consistently been voted as the strongest Creatine on the market since 1998. Rated as much as 300% stronger than regular Creatine by Muscle & Fitness Magazine and ideal for more speed, energy, strength and endurance at the gym.

Mass Gaining Supplements


Branched-chain amino acids, like protein powder, are another supplement most bodybuilders use every day to help with muscle size and recovery as well as general health.

All protein contains BCAA’s, but not all protein sources have a full ‘profile’ of them. The supplement is best consumed during a workout to support your session.

LA Muscle Branch Chain Amino Acids, 311 BCAAs, are specifically designed to aid recovery post-workout. It contains 3 fantastic amino acid ingredients in the perfect ratios meaning guaranteed results. It's best to be taken after workout and before bed for maximum effects.

Mass Gaining Supplements





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