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This Arm Finisher Builds Bigger Biceps

Add It To Arm Day For Faster Gains

By LA Muscle on 18.11.2019 04:30 pm


When it comes to visible muscles, one of the most desired muscles is the biceps. They can be a bit stubborn to grow after you’ve been training a while so its best to come up with a few different arm workouts that you can pull in and out of your training plan so that they keep responding and grow.

If you want to cover all aspects of your arm development, then you will need to add some of these training tweaks to your workouts in the form of finishers. One of our favourite arm finishers is none other than the dumbbell hammer curl.

The hammer curl is designed to hit your brachialis, a muscle that is crucial to giving your arms a full look and it is located between your bicep and tricep. When trained correctly and regularly, it will help make your arms look visibly bigger and more defined.


  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides, palms facing your hips
  • During the movement, keep your elbows locked so that only your forearms move. This concentrates the effort of the exercise on your biceps
  • Curl the weights up until your thumbs are near your shoulders, then lower. If you wish you can do alternating arms and one rep on each arm will count as one rep overall.

We recommend doing this at the end of your arm workout to really exhaust the muscle, which when done correctly will help increase the growth rate of new lean muscle tissue.

Do 3-4 sets and choose a weight that you can either do at least 12 reps each arm with or can go to failure. This exercise all works well with drop sets where you do a set with the heaviest weight you can lift, immediately followed by 1-2 sets of gradually lighter weights that you can do to failure. Give it a try and see if they don’t make your arms look fuller!



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