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Muscle Model's Insane Chest Workout!

Alistair Richardson's epic workout unveiled...

By LA Muscle on 18.09.2017 03:39 pm


Muscle Model Alistair Richardson is constantly being asked on how he has developed such a big, muscular defined chest which tends to stand out from the crowd. Up until now he has been quite secretive and sceptical about revealing just how he works his pectoral muscles.

However as it's national chest day he has agreed to reveal all only to LA Muscle just how he trains his chest.

Alistair trains chest once a week and he trains it hard and to failure as this is the best way to recruit new muscle fibres and tends to push heavy compound movements. After he has blasted his chest he has his post training shake followed by a meal full of protein and simply rests to ensure maximum growth.


Flat Bench Press 3 x 5 @ 140kgs

Flat bench pyramid set 1 x 3/4/5 @ 160kgsFlat bench press 3 x 10 @ 100kgs

Cable flys 3 x 15 @ 25kgs

Incline dumbbell chest press 3 x 15 @ 57.5kgs

Diet and Supplements

To help increase his chest size, Alistair ensures he eats the right amount of protein suited for his size and bodyweight. You can find out how he eats by clicking here

He also takes Repo post training and Norateen Protein right after his workouts to ensure his muscles recover quickly as well as promoting growth as well as Limitless pre training for the energy.

Alistair Richardson Chest Workout

Alistair Richardson Chest Workout

Alistair Richardson Chest Workout



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