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Hollywood Muscle Secrets Revealed

Here's how the stars get big and lean so quickly

By LA Muscle on 24.02.2015 04:31 pm


Hollywood (and these days Bollywood) actors are renowned for “buffing up” fast. How do they do it? How does a skinny actor get muscular and ripped for his next movie in literally 2 months? Would you like to find out and apply the same principles to your body? Sit back, relax and read what’s below…

Hollywood Muscle Secrets Revealed" title="Hollywood Muscle Secrets Revealed

In the late 1950s and ‘60s a couple of trainers in Los Angeles developed a fool-proof method of getting actors big and ripped in record time. Their big secret? Are you ready to know? It was simple… protein! These “gurus” would use protein in a way not used before to flood the bloodstream of people who would go to them. One of them was Vince Gironda, the “Iron Guru”.

Vince understood something crucial and applied it in a very efficient manner. In those days, there was no “whey protein” or any of today’s advanced engineered protein blends. Clients would be given a continuous supply of eggs, milk and liver tablets.

You see, many people have great training methods, eat well, rest, stay focused etc etc Why don’t they build amazing bodies? Why don’t they grow big and ripped like how they want? Could it be that one missing link? That one missing link that put together amazing bodies in a couple of months for the 2 Gurus, time and again.

Though things have changed since the 1950s, one thing has remained the same and that is the human anatomy! Protein will still get you big and ripped if used in the right way. Eating or drinking protein without paying attention to the amounts and times is likely to not produce much results - as many of you can testify to that.

The trick to getting big and ripped in 2 months is to continuously feed protein to your muscles. You will continue doing your hard workouts, resting, drinking water and so on. The difference here will be that you will not neglect your protein “drip feed” at any stage.

Since the introduction of whey protein, things have taken a dramatic turn and results are now even more guaranteed that decades ago. Long gone are the days of liver tablets and dozens and dozens of egg whites. If you train hard and heavy, like a powerlifter and then you take the right protein at the right times, you will get big and lean, fast.

Here is a typical protein regime that will produce quick results:

  • Upon waking up: 1 scoop of LA Whey Gold if you are under 80 kgs - 2 scoops if you are over 80kgs.
  • Mid Morning: same as above.
  • Lunch: Whatever you like but you must also have 40g of protein so this can be lean meats, poultry, fish etc.
  • Mid afternoon: 1 scoop of LA Whey Gold (if you are under 80 kgs) - 2 scoops (if you are over 80kgs).
  • After training: within 10 minutes you must have 2 scoops of LA Whey Gold protein.
  • Dinner: Same as lunch - you must have at least 40g of protein in addition to anything else.
  • Before sleep: 2 scoops of LA Night Protein, giving you slow- steady protein release throughout the night.

The above gives you a steady, continuous feed of protein for 24 hours. You cannot go wrong with this level of protein intake and as long as you are training, you will see incredible gains in muscle mass in as little as one week. Carry on for a few months and you will be very pleased with your gains.

One additional thing “Hollywood” does which you need to adhere to and that is “commitment”. When an actor commits to a movie and in their contract it stipulates that they MUST come in looking muscular and ripped, then they have no excuses and cannot lose focus and dedication.

You can try doing the same. Draw up a quick contract with yourself and sign it! Seriously! It works! Say that you must come in muscular and ripped 2 months from now on and your reward will be XYZ. Put a reward down for yourself - something you really want and deserve, especially if you hit your target.

Good luck.



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