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Back Attack

Dave Leather's Back Workout

By LA Muscle on 26.10.2017 01:38 pm


Looking to build a broad, thick, muscular back? Take on personal trainer's Dave Leather's insane back attack and implement his tactics on a way to a muscular back.

If you don't have a big back, it's time to build one. Remember a strong and well-built back is essential to a balanced physique and functional, athletic body. If you've been leaving your back workouts on the back burner, don't fear, as Dave Leather, who knows how to build and maintain a big strong back, is here to help.

Bring up your lagging back with this top workout and Dave's very own back attack......


The below routine is done in supersets;

1. Wide grip pulldowns superset with Rope Pull Downs x 5

2. Reverse grip pulldowns superset with Close grip pulldowns x 5

3. Wide grip seated cable rows superset with Prone dumbbell rows x 4

4. Isolateral pulldowns superset with Isolateral rows x 5

5. T-bar rows superset with Barbell rows x 3

6. Deadlifts 5 x 15,10,8,6,6


To ensure he is able to maintain this routine, Dave needs to ensure that his supplements are on point. With this in mind Dave takes;

Norateen Gold for continuous muscle size and strength as well as building harder and denser muscles. Norateen Gold also helps keep him motivated for his gruelling workouts.

LA Whey Protein to have first thing in the morning and right after his training as it provides his body with 49g of pure whey protein that is of the highest quality for effective results.

Six Pack Pill to help keep his body fat levels low and maintain his six pack abs all year round.

Remember, no pain no gain!!!

Dave Leather's Back Attack

Dave Leather's Back Attack

Dave Leather's Back Attack

Dave Leather's Back Attack

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