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10 Quick Questions With LA Muscle Founder & CEO

Exclusive Insight Into LA Muscle

By Parham Donyai on 18.10.2019 10:07 am


How long has LA Muscle been going for?

Since 1997, that’s 22 years! Founded by me and still run by me at the helm. I have many other business interests globally but LA Muscle remains one of my babies, a company that I am very passionate about and proud of.

A lot has changed over the years, though with many new players

Yes, as in any other industry. Companies come and go and we’re still here.

Why haven’t you sold out like most of your competitors?

Because I love LA Muscle and am not done with it! This was never about money for me. I wanted to provide the very best sports nutrition to people out there and believe we are still doing this. The day I no longer believe this, is the day I will pass it on to someone else.

What makes you believe you have the best sports nutrition?

Research and a quick look at the competition! Because I am in the industry, I see things from a different perspective than a customer. For example, companies give you pea protein calling it “plant based” or “vegan” or “good for you” because they can’t afford the more expensive protein.
Or they don’t have the manufacturing capabilities to make something like the Norateen range, so they criticise it.

What about protein? You don’t seem to be big on that side?

No and it is a conscious decision. Other companies are fooling customers into believing all this protein “junk foods” will help them with their goals! We are sticking to what is the truth and what is right and trying to educate the customer. A physiological change only comes about from pills and capsules, not protein candy, protein bars and all the other protein “foods” full of sugar. Most of our customers want a physiological change like muscle growth or a leaner body; this will not come about from protein bars.

What do you think of S>A>R>M -S ?

Dangerous, not researched and potentially life-threatening. I have seen so many things come and go and whilst many of them can be potentially lucrative, we stick to our #1 ethos which is safety, followed by quality. I have a responsibility to our millions of customers worldwide. We cannot just jump on fads or release supplements without research or those we believe to be dangerous to health. They are dangerous - period.

So health is big on your list?

Oh for sure! As a qualified complimentary medicine practitioner of some 30+ years, I put health above everything else. My own health, that of my family and that of LA Muscle customers. Without health, you have nothing. When it comes to supplements, LA Muscle is a name you can trust because of just how important research and the safety of our supplements are to us and to me personally.

It seems that you are focused on your own thing and not bothered by others as such

There are just too many companies out there for us to worry about! There are companies out there literally with no premises! Their website doesn’t even have a physical address. We just try and educate customers as much as we can with researched products, articles, videos and so on. We never pay people to endorse our supplements and we don’t lie about any aspects of our business just for sales.

You seem ethical, but then all business owners sound the same

Maybe. I guess those who know me personally know that I am a genuine person and don’t like nonsense. If you follow my personal social media for example, you will see that I am a genuinely successful person that can easily retire but keeps pushing with things that I believe will help people build better bodies, achieve personal goals and better themselves.

Thank you for taking the time, we know you are busy

Always busy Matthew but happy to talk about LA Muscle all day long!

Parham Donyai

Parham Donyai


Parham Donyai is the founder of LA Muscle, having established the company in 1997. He has been a qualified complimentary medicine practitioner of almost 30 years.
Parham is a very successful serial entrepreneur with companies in various fields worldwide. Parham is an author, motivational speaker and mentor to businesses and individuals.



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