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Meet Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

His top bodybuilding secrets revealed!!

By LA Muscle on 25.07.2017 03:44 pm


LA Muscle have teamed up with Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos for an exclusive Q&A with the man himself. Delve into the bodybuilding career of Ahmed and find out how he has become so successful in the world of bodybuilding and what makes him 'tick'......


What age did you start bodybuilding?

What made you get into lifting weights?
My dad

How many titles have you won?

What has been your greatest achievement in the sport?
Winning the Mr Universe, truly memorable moment for me,

What's your favourite body part to train?
Chest and arms

What's your most dreaded body part to train?

How much do weigh off season mode?

How much do you weight on-season?

How many carbs and protein do you have off season?
250g carbs, 280g protein

How many times a week do you train?
6 times

How many carbs and protein do you have on season?
150g carbs, 280g protein

What's the toughest thing about comp prepping?
The diet, missing all that food is hard especially when you are surrounded with your favourites.

Who is your favourite bodybuilder?
Ulisses and Arnold of course

What supplements do you use on a lead up to a show?
LA Muscle LA Whey protein, Six Pack Pill, Bloat No More, BCAA, Fat Stripper

How much water do you drink on a normal day?
6 litres

How much water do you drink on a last week of a show?
3 litres and the last 3 days around 1 litre then 500 ml

What's the first thing you eat after a show?
Burger :)

What's your favourite food?
I would have to say that nothing beats a good old chicken breast and rice

What do you like doing outside of bodybuilding?
Going to beach

What's your favourite film?
Fast and Furious

What's your favourite book?
How's the body works

Who has inspired you to become a bodybuilder?
My dad

What advice would you give anyone who wants to take up bodybuilding?

Never skip leg day and don't just concentrate on the upper body, this will be a huge mistake.

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Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos

Mr Universe Ahmed Rabos



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