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How To Eat To Add Lean Muscle Tissue Without Getting Fat!

By Fitness Model Mason Howard

By LA Muscle on 15.01.2018 05:27 pm


We all know in fitness that when you reduce the total amount of calories consumed your body will eventually begin to burn fat for energy. However reducing calories can also make you lose essential muscle tissue, so you need to make sure that you don't overdo it and when doing it to do it smartly. Remember, if you cut too many calories your body will think it's starving so it conserves and stores them, which reduces the rate at which your burn body fat.

You may think this is harder then it sounds but this is totally a false perception. With this in mind, LA Muscle have caught up with fitness model, Mason Howard who also struggled with his weight not to long ago but through his persistence he overcame this by studying hard and applying his theories to get to where he has gotten to today. He stayed committed, did what was right, stuck to and the results speak for themselves.

  • Dropped 3.7 Stone in 18 months
  • Body fat reduced from 24% to 9.1% (off season) even lower on-season.
  • Heaviest weight 19 stone (mostly fat) - now weighs 15 stone muscle


  • Daily Consumption 2500 Calories:
  • Eats in a deficit of around 500 calories.
  • Protein is always kept high, carbs are only implemented pre and post workout (where he needs it most).
  • Current Weight 95.2kg at just 9.1% body fat

Mason burns around 400 calories in 30 minutes and weight trains five times a week with two rest days where he would drop his carbs even more and rely more on sources from healthy fats and protein (to ensure his body is constantly fed and not losing muscle tissue). He does cardio on an empty stomach with BCAA supplements to help muscle retention and fat loss.

Current Training Split

  • Day one: Legs
  • Day two: Chest
  • Day three: Back and Biceps
  • Day four: Shoulders, traps and triceps
  • Day Five: Abs

This is how he eats today to ensure he carries on adding muscle without getting fat, which you can follow to get you started on your journey.....

Meal One:
Omelette with chicken and spinach

Meal Two:
Chicken and almond nuts salad

Meal Three (Pre-training)
Oatmeal with LA Whey Gold protein from LA Muscle

Meal Four (Post -training)

  • Chicken breast fillet
  • White rice
  • Spinach
Meal Five
LA Whey Protein

Water intake: 3 Litres.

Watch this space for Mason as he intends to make it big in the industry. He is already a qualified Personal Trainer at Level 3, is modelling all over the UK and intends to help people turn around their body image for the better.

Keep up to date with his progress only with LA Muscle.

Model Mason Howard

Model Mason Howard

Model Mason Howard

Model Mason Howard

Model Mason Howard

Model Mason Howard

Model Mason Howard

Model Mason Howard



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