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10 Foods Women Should Eat Daily

Improved Female Health

By LA Muscle on 20.06.2019 02:09 pm


It’s important to eat a wide range of healthy food to keep your diet balanced and varied as well as staying away as much as possible from fast food, alcohol and other things that are bad for your health. There are also certain foods which have been substantially researched and have more proven links to better health with these following foods all proven to be fundamental to improved health in women.


It's the morning get-up-and-go drink of choice for both men and women, but coffee can have extra special benefits for women. A study from 2012 found that woman who drank coffee each day live up to 16% longer than those who don't, while men only gained a 12% increase. Coffee is also loaded with antioxidants that may help to stave off illnesses like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and heart disease.


Many women typically under-consume the recommended amount of fat and protein in their daily diets, so what better way to get both than with some fatty fish for your lunch or dinner. Something like salmon, sardines or mackerel are perfect options. Thanks to the abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fish is extremely good at helping to keep estrogen levels stable, as well as giving your brain the fuel to repair itself.


Now you have a reason to be eating so much chocolate, but keep it dark! A slice or two of dark chocolate each day will do wonders to your health. Loaded with antioxidants, dark chocolate contains chemical compounds to help you radiate with better skin, stronger hair follicles and even a healthier brain. As much as you might love it, be strict in limiting yourself with portion sizes, as it's pretty calorie dense!


Nuts are generally high in calories, but snacking on a handful of nuts every day could be a great way to lower your risk of type-2 diabetes. A 2002 study that involved over 80,000 women found that women who ate a handful of nuts every day had a 30% less chance of developing type-2 diabetes, largely because the high fat content of the nuts stopped them from snacking on junk food in between meals.


Eggs are one of the most important foods for most diets and when eaten regularly can be fundamental for your heart, brain and muscles. Every egg contains up to 6g of protein, great for repairing damaged muscles after working out and enough saturated fat to keep you fuller and more alert for longer. In 2003, a study by Harvard University showed that women who ate eggs regularly as a child could have a lower risk of breast cancer as an adult.


If you want a breakfast that will stop you from feeling bloated and fill you up, then look no further than Greek yoghurt. Packed with protein, Greek yoghurt can help you stay full well until lunch, helping you to avoid snacking in between meals. It's also packed with probiotics, which will help your gut function more efficiently, reducing excess gas and cramps.


Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse and it can’t really be beaten when it comes to boosting your health and accelerating your weight loss. Broccoli is packed with iron, calcium, magnesium and a little healthy fat too. It's also speculated that broccoli helps your hormonal system to stabilise, meaning mood swings will be decreased and happiness will be increased.


A popular breakfast choice for the masses, oatmeal is great source of slow-burning energy that everyone could do with, but it could also be especially good for pregnant women. That's because oats are an excellent source of iron and folic acid, which directly contribute to the neurological development of an unborn child. Just one bowl of oats contains almost a third of the folic acid needed every day for those who are pregnant.


Beetroot has long been considered to be helpful for women who wished to conceive naturally and now science thinks it knows why; the nitric acid inside a beetroot may operate like a natural aphrodisiac. This is because regular consumption of beetroot helps improve the amount of oxygen carried in your blood, which means during sexual activity everything operates better than usual.


With anything from beans to chickpeas, getting a serving of legumes in every day will pay off hugely in the long run. As all types of legumes are extremely high in fibre, they provide your stomach with a large dose of prebiotics, meaning your stomach actually has something to work on. By adding a handful of beans to your dinner you'll wake up feeling much less bloated and also make it easier when going to the bathroom.



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