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100% Stimulant-free weight loss aid


The best-selling Thermo24 contains amazing ingredients such as Choline which contributes to lipid metabolism and helps you achieve your goals efficiently.

  • 100% Stimulant-Free
  • As seen on TV and used by top athletes & celebs worldwide
  • 100% natural, with no side effects
  • Best seller for over 16 years
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Thermo24 Works safely and quickly

Thermo24 (previously known as Fat-Stripper) is hailed as an extremely popular weight loss supplement specifically formulated to aid your training goals. Thermo24 contains Choline which contributes to normal lipid metabolism and Chromium to contribute to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Thermo24 is science-based, safe and strong, with no side effects, used since 1998 by millions of men and women for rapid, safe fat loss.

The truth behind weight loss

To lose weight and burn fat safely and permanently, you need to attack it from all angles. This means, you need to undertake an effective weight loss regime; this includes both exercise and diet.

It is recommended to train at least 3 times a week, with cardio and low weight high-rep exercises.

Alongside an exercise regime a good diet is also key. Eating small portions of low Glycemic foods throughout the day will help with keeping blood glucose levels low and maintain fullness. In contrast eating high fat, sugar loaded, starchy foods will have an adverse effect on your weight loss goals.

A combination of a healthy low fat diet, an effective training regime and Thermo24 will help you reach your training goals.

LA Muscle Guarantee

Thermo24 has had extensive media coverage including features in Muscle & Fitness Magazine and on television and has won the prestigious "Best Fat Loss Supplement" Men's Health Supplement Award.

Thermo24 comes with LA Muscle's 100% money back guarantee. If you don't love it, even after you have used the whole tub, you get your money back. You take no risk. Order Thermo24 today and see fast, safe and noticeable changes in your body-fat in as little as 3 days.
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