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Protein Smoothie

Great for added muscle or weight loss


This is a great power shake packed with carbohydrates and protein to get you going in the morning all the way up to lunch-time or as a replacement for meals for those wanting to lose weight. If you have digestive troubles, don't usually like "eating" in the mornings, bored with your current breakfast or you just don't have time to sit down for too long, this is the shake for you.


1 full cup of corn flakes or any other similar cereal
1-2 cups of cold milk (if you are not intolerant) or rice milk or soy milk or even juice like Pineapple juice
1 large banana
1 small apple
2 scoops of any LA Muscle protein such as LA Whey


Pour 1-2 cups of the cold milk (whichever of the above you prefer) into a blender. Add 1 cup of corn flakes. Add 1 x banana, 1 x apple and 2 scoops of protein powder and even 4-5 ice cubes. Blend for 1-2 minutes.
Pour and drink!

Power up!


This is a quick and easy breakfast. It is blended, so very easy on the stomach and your digestive system. It has corn flakes, a banana and an apple for quick-medium range energy, taking you all the way up to lunch. It contains all protein and essential amino acids needed to get rid of muscle aches and pains and firm your body up. It is also ideal for those wanting to lose weight as they can replace one meal a day with this high protein shake.


If you usually take caffeine, you can also add 1 tea-spoonful of coffee before blending too for an even more exotic and "wake-up" power-shake!

You can also change the amount of liquid to change the smoothness of the shake - depending on your taste!



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