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Build muscles by exhausting opposing muscles

How to grow bigger muscles by exhausting interfering muscles


Many people use a split routine when in the gym to grow more muscular. This usually means training specific body-parts on specific days and then allowing them 3-7 days to rest properly. For example, Monday can be the day for chest/triceps/shoulders and the next time they get trained will be 5-7 days after, giving them a good amount of time to recuperate and grow.

In the meantime a person would train other body parts such as back/biceps on a Wednesday and Legs on a Friday.

What happens with a split routine, as with all other routines, is that they body gets used to them and after a while, growth can be hard to come by. You can change your split routine or just change your whole workout for new growth. For example, you can swap your chest/triceps and shoulders for chest/biceps and shoulders. This would give you new muscle growth. Or you can start training your while body on one day as a change or you can do upper body one day and lower body another.

Generally though and especially for those who do not use “drug assistance” such as steroids, it is better to stick to a split routine for all-round continuous muscle growth.

When doing a split routine, you can try seeing the benefits of switching to opposing muscle groups almost immediately by doing the following in the gym…

Let’s say you have been training chest, triceps and shoulders in the gym on the same day for a while and your shoulders are finding it more difficult to grow and to push more weight. It can be that certain other muscles are getting stronger and interfering with your shoulder muscles and their growth. For example, your biceps can be doing some of the pushing without you realising.

Here is something interesting you can do. Instead of your usual, chest, triceps and shoulders, go in the gym and train your biceps and back. Train them hard and well. This will totally exhaust them. Now go and try training your shoulders. Do your normal exercise for shoulders and you will find that you are able to press a lot more weight and a great deal easier!

This is the benefit of exhausting opposing muscle groups and making sure they don’t interfere with the specific exercise you are trying to improve upon. Try it today in the gym.



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