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10 obvious and not so obvious ways to lose weight

Easy things that help weight loss in just days!


  • Easy ways to lose weightCHECK the saturated fat content of every food you buy. You will be surprised at some of the levels. For example, a tiny pot of chocolate desert can contain as much as 15g saturated fat. That’s almost all of an average person’s maximum daily intake of saturated fat!
  • PUT only 50% of what you normally eat on your plate. If you are hungry, put some more later but don’t start by putting more on your plate.
  • GET the notion that “wasting food is a sin” out of your head. Many people over-eat because they don’t want to waste food or throw it out. Put less on your plate in the first place. If you are full, stop eating even if it means throwing the food away or giving it to your pet.
  • DRINK water just before meals. This fills you up so you don’t over-eat.
  • SPRINKLE cinnamon on dishes such as porridge, corn flakes or yoghurt. Cinnamon is very good for weight loss.
  • SEASON salads and the foods you cook with pepper, great for fat burning.
  • REPLACE black tea with: Dandelion tea, cinnamon tea, uva ursi tea which can all be bought from health stores. This gets rid of water retention and burns fat.
  • START your day by adding a tea-spoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water (consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or suspect any). Must be apple cider vinegar and not malt vinegar. This is great for appetite suppression during the day.
  • SUBSTITUTE gluten-rich products such as pasta and bread with gluten-free versions. Gluten puffs up your entire body and gives you that chubby look.
  • IF you “have” to take a pain-killer, substitute Paracetamal with Aspirin. Aspirin and Caffeine burns fat. ALWAYS consult your doctor before doing this. NEVER do it if you suspect a medical condition, ulcer etc etc


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