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10 crazy and innovative ways to lose weight

Lose fat with these new ideas


Innovative Ways to Lose Weight
  • Offer to take your neighbour/friend’s dog for a walk! This will get you out of the house every day and force you to exercise and lose weight.
  • Swap your lunch or dinner with someone who eats less than you!
  • Offer to help someone decorate their house. Painting and decorating can be a great way to burn calories.
  • Have a fruit and salad only day. Eat nothing but fruits and salads for one day. This will detox you, shrink your stomach and give your body a break to start working healthier.
  • Put all your sweets and chocolates in a box and take it to a homeless shelter near you. Do it now.
  • Throw out all your comfortable clothes and only keep ones that are slightly too tight on you. Aim to fit in them within a month or face the embarrassment of looking odd.
  • Have a protein only day. Eggs and cheese for breakfast, fish and lean meat for lunch and chicken/tuna for dinner. Lots of water during the day.
  • Make traveling to work more fun by choosing alternative public transport routes and walking more. For example, get off one stop before where you need to.
  • Take up a sport that you love even if you think it won’t burn fat. Any sport is better than no sport. Example: Ping Pong.
  • Offer to do the shopping for an elderly neighbour and make sure you walk to the shop and carry the shopping back.


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