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The VASCULATOR Photoshoot

Amazing photos of seriously PUMPED body builders on LA Muscle's forthcoming new product: VASCULATOR

By on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


Have we got a treat for you! As you know, LA Muscle's R&D team have been working on several new products. One of them is the soon to be launched VASCULATOR. This is going to be the most potent PUMP product in the world.

As with all new products, LA Muscle have been testing this new product on tens of body builders for feedback. We went down to the infamous Genesis gym in London to do a photoshoot of the body builders on Vasculator.

The following is a TRUE photo account of the POWER of VASCULATOR. In the photos, you see Hussain (on Vasculator) and Silvia Silvicova (recent winner of EFBB East, not on Vasculator).

VASCULATOR will be available to the general public in the next few weeks. We GUARANTEE that by taking just 2-4 pills before your workout, you will look bigger than you have ever looked and your fellow gym members won't even recognise you. Genesis gym came to a halt during this photoshoot. For now, enjoy the photos!

Special thanks to Big Dave of Genesis for the use of his gym. If you are looking for a hard-core gym in West London, then Genesis is THE place.

Vasculator is now available to the general public. All competitive body builders MUST make this an integral part of their stage presentation. It is absolutely invaluable in making you look bigger on stage.


Thank you @sofiashamimi for ruining a £700k Ferrari at @ddclassics @la_muscle

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