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Kelsey Yung

Professional Dancer, Fitness instructor and Bodybuilder.

Kelsey took an interest in dancing when she was 19, after the birth of her first child in 2001. Kelsey also took part in Karate lessons when she was younger.

Before she passed her Exercise to Music Lv2 course she was pregnant with her second child in 2005.

As soon as Kelsey passed the course she began to teach dance to children. In 2007, she then passed a black belt course in Kickboxing with her husband and they opened their first dance/martial arts studio. It was tiny! But last year, April 2011, they moved premises and they now have a new studio which is a lot bigger.

Kelsey has always had an interest in fitness since she was very young. Teaching dancing, fitness and kickboxing to all members young and old inspires her to keep up her own personal training so she can continue to teach them in years to come.

‘’I just love what I do and the rewards are priceless when you help people lose weight and build confidence.’’

With so much training in different areas she has built a lean and toned physique. This year she decided to enter a local show in May 2012 and its been a big roller coaster!.

She was placed 3rd in the local show and went on to enter the NABBA Northwest in June and came 2nd which qualified her for the Britain show and got a personal invite to the WFF Universe in Austria where she placed 7th.

Kelsey was spotted by one of the top NABBA representative in Austria and he invited her to the NABBA Worlds in Dublin where she placed 4th. Then she competed in the NABBA Britain and came 7th.

Kelsey wasn't going to stop there. There was a Bikini class in the UKBFF in July which she entered and was placed 1st and qualified for the UKBFF UK Championships in October.

‘’My dancing has help me perform at a high level in all my competitions and i'm loving it!!’’


  • Placesd 2nd - NABBA North West (May 2012).
  • Placed 7th - NABBA Britain (June 2012).
  • Placed 7th - WFF Universe (June 2012).
  • Placed 4th - NABBA Worlds (June 2012.
  • Placed 1st - UKBFF Bikini Class (July 2012).

Future Goals:

  • To place higher n all future competitions.
  • To compete at the UKBFF Championships in October.
  • To create awareness around Health, Fitness and Martial Arts.

Kelsey uses Fat Stripper and LA Whey alongside her training.

Kelsey Yung

Kelsey Yung

Kelsey Yung
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Kelsey Yung

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