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This is an article for all those who want to have ripped, granite-like abdominals as quickly as possible. "six-pack in six weeks" is going to show you how you too can have sexy abs which are the envy of men and women. Stick to what is said below and you are guaranteed to have a solid, fat-free six-pack in 6 weeks.

Before we get going, it is important for you to be in the right frame of mind. Achieving a six-pack is easy, but you need to really want it too. You need to have the following to succeed:

The inner desire for a six-pack, no matter what

  1. Determination
  2. Persistence
  3. Discipline

If you lack any of the above, then you will not succeed or you may partially succeed. So sit down for a few minutes and imagine yourself with a rock-hard set of abs. Do you want this? Do you want to go on holiday and see people looking at your abs in amazement? Yes, you do and you now have six weeks to get the abs, so let's get started.


Almost 90% of people who are asked about a six-pack always assume that the only way to get one is by doing hundreds of sit-ups and crunches. WRONG! A six-pack is only 5% about doing exercise and 95% about diet and CV work. So stop wasting your time by doing hours of sit-ups. The only thing you will get for sure is a bad lower back. To exercise the abdominals, do 30 reps of controlled crunches, 2 times a week and no more. If you want your lower abs to get worked, then do some leg-raises too; 30 reps, once a week. Remember, fat is not burnt locally, so stomach work is purely to get the muscles tensed up and not burn fat in that region. Fat needs to be burnt from all over the body.


You all no-doubt have a degree of body-fat covering your abdominal region. Six weeks is a reasonable time to get your bodyfat levels down to levels which allow your six pack to really show. However, if for example you are an obese 17 stone person, then you need to allow a bit more time and work a little harder.
As a general rule, you need to do 1 hour of CV work, 5-6 times a week. This is not a big amount, as the level of intensity will not be high. By CV work, we mean specifically:

  1. Stationary cycling
  2. Rowing
  3. Stepping (not if you have a lower back problem)
  4. Fast walking

Do only one of the above per session. Don't go jumping from one exercise to another, as this will get you out of your Target Heart Range (THR). For any aerobic exercise to be effective, you need to do it over 20 minutes and you need to be in your THR. Remember, you won't even tap into fat reserves the first 20 minutes. So if you are one of those people who just jump on the bike for 20 minutes thinking you have burnt fat, THINK AGAIN!

To get to and stay in your THR (which is where fat is used to fuel your body), you need to do exercise at a moderate pace. So if you can hardly speak, you are over-doing it and if you have no problems at all speaking, then you need to work a little harder. Stay at this "moderate" level, otherwise you will start using carbohydrates or muscles for fuel. You don't want this. You want to use fat for fuel.


"Six pack in six weeks" is a unique system of manipulating your body in every way to give you a six-pack you can be proud of. The most important aspect of this system is your diet. "What" and more importantly "when" you eat is very important. This is where "discipline" really comes in.

The most important principle is that you must not have any carbohydrates after 5:00 p.m. This means no pasta, potatoes, rice or bread in the evening. It goes without saying that you should not consume any foods that contain high levels of "saturated fats". The following foods are NOT to be consumed:

  • Chocolates (you can have a little bit once a week, if you must)
  • Pastry, cakes, cookies, biscuits, sweets, crisps
  • Butter, margarine
  • Full fat milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream, custard etc.
  • Fatty foods i.e. chips, oily foods, high fat meat

The idea is to stop your body from accumulating any more fat. The body loves to store everything as fat. It is a survival reflex. The first thing that gets stored as fat is "saturated fat". The next one is "excess carbohydrates" and finally "excess protein" (but to a much lesser degree). So if you stop putting saturated fats and excess carbohydrates into your body, you won't get fatter.

It takes on average around 6 hours for a carbohydrate meal to get ready for use. This is why it is imperative that you do not have a carb-rich meal too late in the day. All that happens when it is ready to be used, is that you will go to sleep. This meal will then have no option but to get stored as fat.


Here is the typical diet to give you a six-pack quick. You are given 2 example days, so use your logic and eat similar foods in a similar pattern for the other 5 days.


  1. MORNING: Bowl of porridge, eggs, coffee/tea, grape-fruit juice
  2. MID-MORNING: Banana (only if hungry)
  3. LUNCH: Pasta & chicken + vegetables/salad (don't fill up a huge plate, just eat until comfortable)
  4. MID-AFTERNOON: Pear or banana
  5. EVENING: Turkey or lean meat + vegetables/salad


  1. MORNING: Corn flakes, 1-2 slices of toast, low-fat cheese, eggs
  2. MID-MORNING: apple
  3. LUNCH: Potatoes OR rice, lamb OR tuna
  4. MID-AFTERNOON: banana
  5. EVENING: chicken or tofu + vegetables/salad

It is very important for you not to lose any muscle tissue, whilst trying to get a six pack. Therefore it is advisable that you supplement your diet with a good quality low-fat protein such as LA Whey. It is a very good idea to have a shake upon waking up, 1-2 shakes during the day and one before sleep.


The whole idea here is to get you using more fat to fuel your body and to make sure that you are not taking in more food than that which you are using. So if you can walk to work, instead of driving, then do so. If you can walk up the stairs instead of using the lift, then do so. Anything which makes you use your feet is good for you and will help you get your six-pack a lot quicker.

A point to bear in mind is that you want to make sure you get rid of fat but not muscle. So if you are going to increase your level of activity, then if you feel you are losing muscle tissue too, up your protein intake.

Hold your stomach in whenever you can. At nights, pose in front of the mirror and try to tense your abs. Push all the air out of them and start learning to control your abs. You need to be able to tense them up whenever you want. Practice this.


The following will "greatly" help you get your six-pack a lot quicker.

  1. Drink "green tea" with every meal. You can get this from any health-food shop.
  2. Take "Lecithin" tablets with every meal. Lecithin is a cheap fat-metaboliser and you can get it from any health food shop.
  3. Eat lots of fibre. Good sources are pears, apricots, plums, prunes, apples, corn and most vegetables.
  4. Drink lots and lots of water; at least 10 glasses a day. Water shifts fat out of your body.
  5. Reduce your salt intake. Salt will make you hold water and gives you that "puffy" look.
  6. Substitute grape-fruit juice for other juices


Caroline PearceBy reducing your carbs late in the day, you will ensure that you are not going to get any more extra calories stored as fat. Depending on how much bodyfat you have, you will start seeing your abs coming out usually in around 2-4 weeks. The more CV work you do (in your THR), the more noticeable your abs will be. It is imperative that you don't eat for the sake of eating. Have some discipline and stick to the above as much as possible.


Many people think that by not eating food, they will lose fat. WRONG...WRONG. What happens here is you will lose water, muscle and some fat, but you will put it (and more) back on as soon as you start eating again. If you really want to go all out and lose lots of fat to get your six-pack out as quickly as possible, then reduce your carbohydrates and increase your protein. So a good balance would be 70% protein, 20% carbs and 10% natural fats. This regime can make some people slightly tired (as carbohydrates are the main energy providers) but it really works, especially in the short term.
Good protein sources are: white meat, red meat, fish, tuna, eggs, milk.
Good carbohydrate sources: pasta, potatoes, rice, bread


Certain supplements will give you quicker and more noticeable results. Think about this: how do competitive natural bodybuilders go from 19 stones off season, to 15.5 stones competitive weight in just 8 weeks? These bodybuilders manage to maintain muscle and lose an unbelievable amount of fat to get granite-like ripped abs in just weeks.

So a six-pack in 6 weeks is certainly possible and is achieved by tens of thousands of disciplined individuals. Below is the "secret" combination used by many of today's top bodybuilders to get their bodyfat levels down to as low as 4%. If you can afford it, try it and you will be amazed. If you can afford only 1 or 2 of the supplements, then choose the ones that make most sense to you. Please also note that these supplements below are fully allowed by the IOC and ANB and are totally natural:








    Paul Amos, RIPPED!If you have a great deal of bodyfat, then you probably won't see your six-pack coming out until the 3rd or 4th week. Use the mirror as your guide. Don't worry about the scales or how much you weigh etc. Getting a solid six-pack is about bodyfat and body "composition". How much you "weigh" has got nothing to do with it. After all you can weight 14 stones and be fat or weigh 14 stones and be very muscular.


    Getting the six pack is not too difficult. If you want to keep it, you must adhere to some of the principles above. It is most important that you do not get into the habit of eating junk or fatty foods. It is also important that you do not "over eat" or start eating carbohydrates again too late in the day. Always monitor your bodyfat levels by paying close attention to your abdominal region. It is a good idea to take periodic photos of yourself too. Factors such as genetics and age obviously play an important role in your long-term success. For example as you age, your metabolism slows down so you have to work a little harder.

    If you feel at any stage that you are losing your six-pack, then come back to this page and read this article again. The above methods are unique methods and will work time and time again regardless of where you are and what your situation is.

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