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Stop Snoring

Guaranteed ways to reduce/stop snoring


Snoring is a big problem for many couples. Millions of pounds are spent each year on a whole host of remedies but no one seems to be able to pin-point what exactly causes snoring. A good night's sleep is imperative to a good day's work. This is of particular importance to athletes who need to be at and perform at their best.

This article will address some common factors that contribute to snoring and will give you some proven and simple ways that will dramatically reduce your snoring or even eliminate it all together. Sounds to good to be true? Read on...

Get a humidifier for your room

This is the MOST important thing you can do for yourself ? or more to the point, for your partner! You can get one for around 50. [NOT a de-humidifier but a humidifier i.e. adds moisture to the air]
Make sure you always open your windows to get air in during the day and if not too cold, at night. This is particularly so in the winter when you have your radiators on. Heating your house in the winter means drying the air and this is one of the biggest causes of snoring. A humidifier will moisten the air and your respiratory passages and greatly reduce (and on many occasions eliminate) snoring.

Stop Snoring Remedies

Don't eat too late

This is a very big cause of snoring. Eating within 4 hours of sleep is a major contributor to snoring. An empty stomach seems to reduce the frequency and severity of snoring. This "size of the stomach" leads on to the next point?

Reduce the size of your stomach!

People with bigger bellies snore more. This does not necessarily mean that you have to have a huge belly to snore but there seems to be some correlation there. Pregnant ladies seem to snore too, when they never used to.

Keep hydrated

You have probably noticed drinking too much makes you snore more? Alcohol dehydrates the body. Try not to drink too late in the day and make sure you drink lots of water during the day.

Reduce mucus production

Cut down dairy, wheat and things like chocolate, cookies and pastries. Dairy and wheat are great mucus producers and more mucus means more snoring.

Pay attention to your pillow and sheets

Make sure your pillows are synthetic and not made of feathers. Make sure you change your bed sheets often. Bugs, feathers and other allergens can irritate the respiratory passages.

Don't sleep on your back

For most people (not all) sleeping on their backs causes the most amount of snoring. Try and sleep on your side if you can.

Keep your nose unblocked

A blocked nose can lead to snoring. This can be from a cold, allergies, hay fever, rhinitis and so on. Reducing dairy and wheat products can greatly help rhinitis and hay fever. Obviously with a cold, you need to try and boost you immune system.

The above should go some way in helping you to stop snoring. The most important helper here is a humidifier so if you have tried everything else and you can afford a humidifier (NOT a de-humidifier), then get one.






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