The secret recipe behind Slim Whey and why it is ideal for men & women

All new Slim Whey


Slim Whey for men & WomenProtein is protein, right?
It’s like saying meat is meat. Meat is also not meat! You have lean meat, organic meat, highly processed meat, red meat, white meat, burnt meat, raw meat etc etc

Slim Whey by LA Muscle is a new protein and the result of some intensive R&D at the LA Muscle labs to give you something very special.

The first priority for developing Slim Whey was for it to mix instantly, be creamy, have real fruit pieces and taste delicious. Having developed such a formula, LA Muscle’s scientists went on to replicate the best selling LA Whey’s power and high protein content in Slim Whey, which was achieved with 100% success.

Slim Whey, as the name suggests, has a twist. It contains proven, powerful fat burners which work synergistically in the formula to “lean you out” as you take it. Slim Whey is a world class protein that truly changes your physique to a lean and muscular one.

Prior to Slim Whey LA Muscle did not recommend just taking protein by itself. The recommendation was always to combine protein with “something” whether this was Norateen or Fat Stripper and so on.

Slim Whey is the first protein that can be taken by itself with nothing else and you will see amazing changes in your body within 1-2 weeks.

Just why does Slim Whey work so well and why is it so rated?

  • 40g of pure LA Whey protein per serving – 100% of the best whey protein on the market with no cheaper protein sources
  • All amino acids and BCAAs essential for maximum muscles
  • Unisex! Ideal for men and women
  • Lactose-free so no intestinal problems or bad breath
  • Instant-mixing and extremely delicious designer creamy raspberry and strawberry flavour
  • Only 230 calories per saving
  • Virtually no saturated fats
  • 400mg Green Tea per serving, fantastic for quick fat loss
  • 400mg L-Carnitine per serving, proven to aid weight loss
  • 50mcg of Chromium, great for regulating metabolism and cravings
  • High potassium-sodium ratio, to get rid of water retention for that six pack to come out
  • Real fruit pieces: Raspberry and Strawberry, high in antioxidants and great for fat loss
  • Not over-processed, so the protein is 100% in tact and not denatured in any way
  • Triple filtrated protein to remove all impurities
  • High Biological Value of 159+ which means you don’t have to use as much (more cost effective than cheaper proteins)
  • Super-nitrogen-depositing power, meaning more protein turns to muscle
  • Can be used for weight loss - just replace one meal a day with 2 scoops of Slim Whey

Slim Whey by LA Muscle Slim Whey comes in a huge 2.2kg tub and gram for gram, it is superb value for money. You get a highly superior premium protein with the capability to bring out your six pack fast, lean you out, build muscles, help your recovery and enable you to get the best out of your workouts every time. Slim Whey is also instant mixing and absolutely delicious, almost like a dessert!

Try Slim Whey for yourself and feel and see the great results. Slim Whey comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely LOVE it. You have nothing to lose…


Six Pack Pill Extreme

Six Pack Pill Extreme

Guaranteed six pack or your money back, NO RISK results in 1-3 days


Diet Whey 1.8kg

Diet Whey 1.8kg

Delicious protein to get you lean & ripped whilst keeping your muscles

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