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Exactly what difference can extra protein make in your muscle development?

Can you get more muscles by upping your protein?


Quality protein: LA Whey

Many people don’t put too much emphasis on protein when it comes to their weight training. Their neglect of protein intake comes from:

  • Lack of information

  • Lack of money

  • Non belief in the effectiveness of protein

  • Or just inadequate intake of protein

The real question is, does protein really make a difference to your body? Does taking more protein make you look any different than if you were to just normally?

The easiest way to answer this is to do a little experiment. If you are already on a high protein diet, reduce your protein intake by 50% over 3 days and see what happens to your body.

If you are not taking extra protein, try taking 1g for every lb of your bodyweight for 3 days and see what happens. The results will be very clear for you to see.

In real terms, protein makes a big difference to the body of someone who is weight training:

Your muscles will be fuller – Let’s say you are regularly bench pressing and wearing a t-shirt. Your chest may look flat and not really bulging. If you were to do exactly the same as you are doing and up your quality protein intake, you will start seeing your chest coming out, being fuller and more bulging in as little as 7 days.

You will be stronger – Muscles which are crammed full of protein are generally a great deal stronger and can lift much heavier weights. By taking more protein during the day, you will find that the next time you go training, you will have more strength to lift more.

You will have less muscle soreness – Muscle soreness delays optimal training. If your muscles are sore, you can’t train effectively as often as you like. You may even go to the gym and feel “OK” but feeling OK is not what you want. You want to attack the gym and roar like a lion! You want to have motivation, strength, stamina and power when you are in the gym so you can lift more, break more muscles down and get your body to build more muscles.

In conclusion, the real difference that optimum levels of protein can make in your weight training is that you will have a bigger, fuller and more muscular body. Try it for yourself. Remember 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight. To make life easier and make sure you get the right protein in adequate quantities, you can supplement with LA Whey.






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