LA Muscle TV No 1 in Europe

The most watched health & fitness channel


LA Muscle TV was born in September 2008 on-line as a small place for some of the LA Muscle athletes to showcase their talents and share their knowledge.

Within 6 months, LAMuscle.TV was getting an average of 2.5 million visitors and growing rapidly. A huge amount of investment was made in more servers and bandwidth to keep up with worldwide demand.

By around March 2009, a decision had to be made to either go all out and put the channel on television or scrap it as it was costing too much and was way too popular to just sit on the web.

Innovative health & fitness channel on your TV

Hollywood Star Bai Ling

By August 2009 and following a £2 million pound initial investment, LA Muscle TV was showing on Europe’s premier satellite SKY, channel 449. This was a bold move on behalf of LA Muscle, doing something that had not been done before and in the middle of a deep recession.

LA Muscle TV is not a promotional channel for LA Muscle Supplements. In fact, anyone that has watched it, can see that it sits in the “Lifestyle and Culture” genre and all programmes are 100% independent of LA Muscle supplements.

The reality is that there is NOTHING like LA Muscle TV anywhere in the world. Behind the channel is a team of talented, experienced and dedicated fitness, TV and lifestyle professionals working hard to give you amazing shows. The LA Muscle TV Team is growing rapidly worldwide.

Statistics speak louder than words!

LA Muscle TV is registered with PPL, PRS, OFCOM and BARB. The figures from BARB show that per hour, LA Muscle TV is already the most watched health & fitness channel in Europe by a LONG SHOT. :)

LA Muscle TV will see its official launch with full content and more professional programmes (we are the first to admit it has been a learning curve) in 2010. The channel on SKY 449 is already showing amazing programmes not seen anywhere else in the world.

Viewers seem to like the varied content and “cool” look of the channel. The variety of programmes all aim to improve your fitness, body and health goals in a trendy, professional and fun way.

BARB’s no 1 placing does not even take into account the channel’s huge Internet following or its overseas viewers. All in all, LA Muscle TV is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Coming up on 2010

LA Muscle TV is investing millions of pounds into production of exclusive shows as well as building additional studios in Spain, USA and Portugal to complement its state of the art London studios.

2010 will see a lot less repeated shows, a lot better quality and much more unique shows such as:

  • Self Defence for men and women
  • Adventure and action from around the world
  • Nutrition for your goals
  • Celebs and sports heroes
  • Quick abs and six packs
  • …and so much more

Also coming out in around 1-2 weeks is a series of DVD box-sets of some of your favourite LA Muscle TV shows including never-before-seen shows from Danni Levy, Dean Ash and Kyrin’s Yoga Hour. These make ideal Christmas gifts for health & fitness enthusiasts.

If you have not got into LA Muscle TV yet, for whatever reason, please tune in. You will be surprised.

LA Muscle TV can be viewed on the SKY satellite channel 449 or on-line: www.lamuscle.tv

As always, your views, comments and feedback is most appreciated. Let us know what you think right here: info@lamuscle.tv



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