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Exclusive insight into Powerlifting with Charlie Evans

Interview with 2006 British Powerlifting Champion Charlie Evans


Charlie Evans the current British Powerlifting Champion took some time out to speak to Leachian Clarke about his recent win at the British Powerlifting Championships 2006 with an exclusive insight into his mind-set.

What is your full name and profession?
Charlie Evans Fork Lift Truck Driver [EDITOR'S NOTE: Oh and British Powerlifting Champion!]

What is the full title of the competition?
B.P.O. British Powerlifting Championships 2006

Where was the competition held?
Sports Village, Bath University

What date was the competition on?
The Competition was run over two days.

What did you win?
The title of British Powerlifting Champion 2006 { Weight Class 140kg Masters 1}

How long was the competition for?
The Competition began 10.00am and finished 7.00pm{ both days}

How many people did you compete against?
There were several. In Powerlifting, your main aim, is to compete against yourself.To improve and better your previous lifts and Totals.
Bottom line........................On the Platform, your're on your own.

How do you feel when you won?
The victory was all the more enjoyable , due to the fact that I have just recovered from a severe wrist injury.

How did you get into sport?
Orginally I wanted to compete in Strongman Shows.Most good Strongmen come from a Powerlifting background.

Charlie in action!So I began Powerlifting, in which I have had a great deal of success.Tried a few Strongman Competitions, but never really enjoyed them , as much as I do the Powerlifting Competitions.So now I concentrate more on the Powerlifting.

Do you have any role models?
Svend Karlson, Geoff Capes and of course the great Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What is you biggest achievement?
Winning the European and World Championships for a second time {both in 2005}.

How old are you?
I'm now 40 years old and lift in the Master 1 Age Group.

What sort of training do you do and how often?
I train a mixture of Westside Barbell{ speed and strength} and Mike Menzter / Dorian Yates { Heavy Duty Training}.
Training the Basic Lifts { Squat , Bench Press, Deadlift} and Assistance Work twice a week { Tuesday / Friday}.

Charlie in the papersWhat is your training routine?
My Training varies depending on if, I'm training for a Competition or not.
The last 12 weeks before a Competition, I keep increasing the weight on the Bar and reducing the reps.So by the final few weeks I'm lifting HEAVY weights for single reps.

What would you say are the most important do's and don'ts with training?
Don't try to re-write the book.Stick with the Basic Movements.
ALWAYS, ALWAYS use strict form and technique.

What supplements are you taking at the moment?
At the moment I'm taking LA Whey.

How do they help you?
I felt alot STRONGER taking them and recovered alot quicker from my work-outs, especially in the last few weeks of the run up to this Competition.

How do you feel when you're on stage?
Two words?

CONFIDENT , POSITIVE { You have to be?}

What's the atmosphere like behind stage?
Everybody reacts differently under pressure or stress. Some strut up and down others sit and wait nervously for their name to be called.
Personally I know what I'm going to do and how I'm going to react back-stage, days, weeks before.
I run through the morning's events in my mind, over and over again.
"Think like a winner, act like a winner , be a winner ".

What do you enjoy most about competitions?
It's a chance to get together with friends.Powerlifters are not like Body Builders.They will share anything with you equipment , advice, etc. They will even shout and scream for you, to do your best when your on the Platform lifting.EVEN YOUR RIVALS .

What sort of prizes are you usually given when you place1-4?
Usually the size of the prize / trophy depends on your Placing.
Powerlifting is NOT about prizes or trophies, it's about being the best that you can be on that day.Dosen't matter if you place 1st, 2nd or 3rd as long as you gave it 100% and you gave it your best.

When is your next competition?
Hopefully the European Powerlifting Championships{ June}in Vienna, then the World Championships{ November} in Ireland.

How do you fit sport around your day job?
It's not easy, but if you want something bad enough, you WILL find the time.No everyone ' wants ' it enough,so not EVERYONE become a Champion.

What are your future plans and goals?
To carry on lifting at International and World level.To stay strong and injury-free.
To break some more World Records , would be nice?

In general how would you encourage people to care more about their fitness and wellbeing?
It's been proven that exercise and ' good ' nutrition can help you live longer and healthly.What other encouragement do you need?

Is there anything else you'd like to add, with regarding to training, diet and supplementation?
My motto " Never settle for 2nd best, life is too short ".




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