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Do Testosterone Boosters make you aggressive?

Find out the truth about Testosterone Boosters


LA Muscle sells some of the world’s best Testosterone boosters. Having said this, LA Muscle is also very proud in always providing the best, most up to date and transparent information to you.

So, taking LA Muscle’s obvious interest in selling you Testosterone boosters aside, let’s ask the question: Can Testosterone and Testosterone Boosters make you aggressive?

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for many things including growth, muscle development, facial hair, confidence, fat loss, well-being (to a certain degree) and … aggression.

As Testosterone declines, so do the benefits and other things that are associated with Testosterone. For most people, the benefits of increasing Testosterone levels far outweigh the disadvantages.

On the whole, Testosterone does give you an “edge” and makes you more confident and assertive but it does not increase aggression in normal non-aggressive people. What Testosterone can do, and LA Muscle is not going to lie to you about this, is that it “can” make someone more aggressive if they take too much of a Testosterone booster AND they are predisposed to aggression already.

This is the differentiating factor that you must take into account. If someone is aggressive already or has the tendency to be aggressive, then a Testosterone booster taken in excess can make them more aggressive.

How do you know if you are the aggressive type? The answer is that you just know!

If you are the aggressive type already, you have 4 choices:

1. Don’t take anything and just get on with your training - but of course you will not progress to the highest levels possible.

2. Take a Testosterone booster and monitor progress and effects. Chances are that if you take a scientifically developed one like Norateen Heavyweight II and do not take more than the recommended dosage, you will be fine.

3. Take a muscle builder with little or no direct Testosterone boosters such as Norateen II, which is an alternative to Testosterone boosting pills. They will still work and give you good results without the direct use of the Testosterone channel.

4. Take other supplements that will still get you big, muscular, strong and massive without using Testosterone at all. Examples of these are Explosive Creatine and Nuclear Creatine.

So there you have it. On the whole, Testosterone boosters do not make most ordinary people more aggressive. However if you are predisposed to aggression or already have aggression issues, then they can have an effect on you if taken in excess.

If you want to know more about anger or have any issues or know someone with anger issues or need help with anger issues, please check out the charity MIND or click here.




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