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Powerlifting Interview with British Champion

Stephen Block talks about his win, life and training.


What is your full name?
My full name is Stephen John Block

What job do you do?
I am a Plant Operator by profession.

Stephen BlockWhat is the full title of the competition?
British Powerlifting Championships 2006

Where was the competition held?
Bath University

What did you win?
British Masters Champion 110kg 2006

How long did the competition last for?
One Day

How do you feel when you won?
When I broke the Dead Lift record and benched a personal best it made all the hard work and preparation in the Gym seem woth-while.

How did you get into sport?
I had been lifting weights in the Gym since the age of 17, some friends suggested that I enter a Powerlifting Competition which was the UK Open Championships in Llannelli in Sept 2003 I won that Competition as 110kg Open and then gained a place at the World Championships at Aldershot in November 2003 wher I acheived 4th place. I have been competing ever since.

Do you have any role models?
As a former power lifter and very succesful Body Builder Ronnie Coleman is my role model.

Who has been your greatest motivation?
My fellow team members the owner of Iron works Gym in Wisbech Cambs and my Wife Kaye.

Stephen BlockWhat is you biggest achievement?
Winning 4th place at the World Championships and setting a new world deadlift record at this years British championships.

How old are you?
I am 42 Years Old

What sort of training do you do and how often?
As a general rule I train 4 times a week I include all 3 Power lifts in my training along with other Body Building Type training

What is your training routine?
My Training Routine is Tues Squats Machine Front Squats Leg Press in sets of 3 reps between 8 and 4 Leg Curls and Calf raisers
Wednesday Shoulders and Triceps Smith Machine Shoulder Press seated Dumbell Presses Upright Rows for Triceps, Weighted Dips Seated Behind the head neck. Dumbell extentions Bench Dips with weights on my thighs
Friday Bench Press Parcel bench Presses Flat bench Dumbell Presses
Saturday Dead Lifts Bent Over Rows Seated Rows and Shruggs abdominal work decline bench situps and crunche.

I stretch each muscle group when I train it. 1 Month prior to a competition I drop all secondary movements and assistance excercises and concentrate purely on the three lifts and dropping to down to 3 days a week.

Sets and reps at 4 weeks out from a competition I would be doing 6 to 8 sets reps ranging in the 6 to 8 range at 3 weeks out from competition sets would remain the same but reps would come down to 4 to 2 reps and increase in weight lifted. 2 weeks out from competition I would be looking to be doing again 6 to 8 sets but 1 to reps and finally the last week before competition again 6 to 8 sets but mostly singles reps working up to maximum weights to be lifted at competition.

The few days before the competition I take a complete rest to prepare.

What would you say are the most important do's and don'ts with training?
Do's for training

Good Diet
Consistent Training
Get plenty of rest
Listen to what your body tells you

Dont's for training

Norateen Heavyweight IIHaphazrd training without having a gameplan as to what you want to achieve
Poor diet
Inadequate rest periods between training

What supplements are you taking at the moment?
LA Whey and Norateen Heavyweight II.

How do they help you?
The supplements help by giving me all the extra protein and boost that I need but I cannot stress enough that a good well balanced diet is of first importance before any form of supplements.

How do you feel when you're on stage?
When I am on the platform and ready to lift I feel excited and exhilarated in anticipation of lifting more weights than I have lifted before.It as at this time that my mind ison iothing else but the job in hand. My Wife often asks me if I can hear her shouting encouragement to me but to be quite honest I do not hear a thing as I am focused on the lifting.

What's the atmosphere like behind stage?
The atmosphere in the warm up room during the competition is really good and you get a lot of encouiragement from the other competitors.Ther is always a good sense of comaraderie between all lifters and although I have only been competing in the sport for 3 years and may only see some of the team about 3 or 4 times a year we are like good friends.

What do you enjoy most about competitions?
I enjoy the competing watching the other lifters perform and meeting up with friends it is especially interseting to watch the different techniques used and you can always gain valuable information.

Stephen BlockWhat sort of prizes are you usually given when you place1-4?
There is no prize money paid out in any of the BPO EPF or WPO competitions we just get a certificate to tell us that we have attended and a trophy. Taking part is the most important thing but because Powerlifting is a minority sport there is no big monies to be won or sponsorship deals to be had in this country.

When is your next competition?
I have qualified for the European Championships in Vienna on June 22nd but will not be attending this particular event but will be attending the World Powerlifting Championships in Limerick Ireland on the 24th November 2006.I have made the team for both European and World Chanpionships for 2004 and 2005 but unfortunately due to lack of sponsership and my own financial commitments have not been able to find enough monies for plane tickets hotels etc.

How do you fit sport around your day job?
I train in the evenings after work for approx 2 hours

What are your future Goals?
My goals are to go to the World Championships and set a new Deadlift and Squat record plus up my personal best on the Bench Press.

I Hope that LA Muscle can go some way towards promoting the Sport of Powerlifting.






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