When is the best time to take in protein?

Does protein give you more muscles?


The Iron Guru, as he was known in Hollywood, used to get skinny actors looking super-muscular in as little as 2 weeks. How did he do this? Read on…

An abundance of protein is necessary to build a muscular body in record time. Sure, it’s not absolutely necessary to supplement with protein. You will still live, function and probably look a bit different if you trained with weights.

The point here is to take in more protein and at the right times, to build serious muscle size, fast. More protein will build you more muscles. This is a certainty.

The best time to take in protein is without a doubt within 30 minutes after heavy weight training. So if you were to choose just “one” time, this would be it.

Best Time to take Protein?The muscle building game however, requires you to have an abundance of protein in your blood at all times. In reality, the best time to take protein is …wait for it… all the time!

If you are weight training, you need to ensure you are eating enough protein and regularly enough to have an abundance of protein in your blood 24 hours a day. This is not as hard as it sounds. As long as you ingest at least 20g of high quality protein every 3 hours or so, you will build muscles.

Protein sources like steak will take longer to get into your system, so you need to bear this in mind. If you have gone without protein for a few hours, you need to down a protein shake like LA Whey to keep Catabolism away (body eating its own muscles!).

A typical day’s high protein diet could look like this:

  • Waking up: LA Whey Shake
  • Breakfast: 3-4 eggs, milk, cheese, toast, tea-coffee
  • Mid Morning: LA Whey Shake or Clear Protein
  • Lunch: Steak or burger or chicken or tuna with whatever else you like
  • Mid Afternoon: LA Whey Shake or Norateen Bar
  • Post Workout: LA Whey
  • Dinner: Same as lunch
  • Before sleep: LA Whey or Clear Protein

You can take in more protein in the form of LA Whey or extra amino acids such as 311 BCAAs any time you feel you need it.

In conclusion, the best time to take in protein is immediately after training. However if you are weight training, you need to ensure you have at least 20g of high quality protein going around your system every 3 hours. High quality protein means natural foods like steak, eggs, tuna, turkey, chicken or LA Whey. In the old days it used to be Live Tablets! Now LA Whey is the best premium protein supplement you can get.

Vegetarian protein sources are not the most complete or most nutritious and you will need to ingest much more of them to get the same benefits. If you are a vegetarian, it is all the more reason to supplement with and take in more LA Whey.




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