Father's Day Special

New tips & ideas to treat your Dad


This year, dads all across the world will be celebrating Fathers Day on Sunday 21st June. Rather than the usual- pair of socks, a tie or some cuff links, why not treat him to something healthy this year? Show how much you care by helping him take better care of himself. Here are some suggestions:

Gym membership/ Gym buddy

An excellent way to encourage your dad to get into shape would be to sign him up at your gym. If he has a gym buddy then it will encourage him to go more frequently and it’s also a chance for you to spend more time together. If this sounds a bit costly why not encourage him to get more exercise by planning regular days to do activities together like jogging, walking, golf, tennis, swimming, etc. It’s also a good way for you both to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Health supplements & grooming kit

Rather than a smelly after shave, why not grab your dad some healthy supplements that he can take to give him an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Leading sports nutrition specialists LA Muscle offer a range of top quality supplements available on www.lamuscle.com to suit all needs. Try LA Whey 2.2KG, top quality protein that repairs and builds muscle, Fat Stripper helps you to lose weight quickly but safely. These are only a few of the options that they offer.

Home gym

Most people assume a home gym has to include expensive equipment such as a treadmill, which could set you back hundreds or even thousands of pounds, but it doesn’t have to. LA Muscle recommends that all you really need are a set of adjustable dumbbells, an exercise ball, a set of resistance bands, and a mat, which are all available from any sports goods retailer on your high street.

Fitness gadgets

Want to know how to help your dad get fit and look cool all with one present? The ultimate boy toy! There are literally hundreds of trendy gadgets like the I-pod/Nike Sports Sensor Kit for monitoring your fitness progress when jogging or computer console such as Nintendo Wii where you take part in almost every sport without leaving the comfort of your own from room. There are gadgets available on the market to suit every budget designed to make exercising and getting fit that little bit more pleasurable.

For more ideas why not check out the gadgets shows on www.lamuscle.tv , LA Muscle TV-The No.1 channel dedicated to health, fitness & lifestyle.

Cook a meal –breakfast, lunch or dinner

A healthy treat doesn’t always have to be an expensive one. For those of us on a tight budget why not cook your dad and even the rest of the family a healthy and nutritious breakfast. For a healthy version of the traditional English breakfast, substitute your fry up for a grill up by doing the following:

  • Grill food instead of frying it.
  • Use lean bacon, and cut the fat off.
  • Try reduced fat sausages.
  • Eggs are a good source of iron and calcium - poach them or boil them to get the most nutritional benefit.
  • Serve with low sugar, low fat baked beans and a slice of granary toast.
  • Grilled mushrooms and a grilled tomato can count towards your five a day

Include starchy foods such as wholemeal bread and wholegrain cereals as they provide a slow release of energy that will keep you going till lunchtime. Use skimmed, semi skimmed milk or even soya milk (suitable for vegans and the lactose intolerant) which has lower fat and cholesterol levels than whole fat milk. Fruits and yoghurts are also great options to have as treats.
Fresh juice, smoothies, green tea or water are great alternatives to caffeine filled drinks like tea or coffee.





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