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Zilvinas Nacas

Personal Trainer & Model


Zilvinas has a vast amount of knowledge in the fitness industry and with his knowledge he has not only applied this to his advantage but has also passed it through to his clients.

At 6ft 5 inches, Zilvinas is a colossus and needs to ensure that he eats big to maintain his muscular and toned physique. He ensures that his weight remains stable between 107-112kg which is ideal for him.

His main hobbies are mountain biking, playing basketball, training and passing on his expertise to his clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Zilvinas is a very positive person and always strives for success no matter what is set towards him.

Achievements to Date:

  • Qualifying as a level 3 personal trainer
  • Being published in a variety of European magazines

Goals for the future:

  • Attain his level 4 personal training certificate
  • Start competing in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

On LA Muscle products Zilvinas has the following to say;

“I have been in the fitness world for over 10 years and although I have tried many supplements since this time, I keep finding myself coming back to LA Muscle. The products are fantastic and give instant results. I am a massive fan of Norateen Extreme, LA Whey Gold, Muscle Builder Gel and the Vasculator to aid in my fitness goals. I have recommended the LA Muscle range to all my clients who are all very happy with the range. I recommend nothing but LA Muscle for anyone looking for top quality supplements that work”.

Zilvinas Nacas




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