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LA Muscle Gym & Shop opens in Cyprus
by LA MUSCLE on 01.05.2006 09:00 am
Zak wins IFBB Mr Cyprus 2006
by LA MUSCLE on 30.04.2006 09:00 am
Charlie Evans wins British Powerlifting Champs 2006
by LA MUSCLE on 27.04.2006 09:00 am
LA Muscle boys win big time at the BPO 2006
by LA MUSCLE on 26.04.2006 09:00 am
London Marathon sees Elvis!
by LA MUSCLE on 25.04.2006 09:00 am
LA Muscle sponsor NABBA World Champs.
by LA MUSCLE on 31.03.2006 03:00 pm
Geraint Nicholas breaks Welsh squat record
by LA MUSCLE on 05.03.2006 09:00 am
Takaloo wins WBU intercontinental title in style.
by LA MUSCLE on 03.03.2006 09:00 am
Lee Priest wins Ironman 2006
by LA MUSCLE on 20.02.2006 09:04 am
Elvis Hall proves he really is a Tough Guy!
by LA MUSCLE on 07.02.2006 09:00 am
VIP Protein launched
by LA MUSCLE on 30.01.2006 09:00 am
Craig Titus case re-scheduled
by LA MUSCLE on 13.01.2006 02:14 pm
Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan arrested
by LA MUSCLE on 31.12.2005 09:00 am
LA Muscle closed for Christmas period
by LA MUSCLE on 23.12.2005 12:38 pm
Ferrari winner picks up new toy
by LA MUSCLE on 22.12.2005 09:00 am
Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan sought by police
by LA MUSCLE on 21.12.2005 08:00 pm
LA Muscle Ferrari competition winner
by LA MUSCLE on 20.12.2005 09:00 am
Muscle & Fitness devote 8 pages to Caroline Pearce
by LA MUSCLE on 14.12.2005 09:00 am
Darren Gumbs wins Excalibur Champs. 2005
by LA MUSCLE on 09.12.2005 09:00 am
Men's Health Mag votes Norateen HW II No 1
by LA MUSCLE on 05.12.2005 09:00 am
Men's Health gives thumbs up to LA Muscle
by LA MUSCLE on 04.12.2005 09:00 am
Great photo of top LA Muscle powerlifters
by LA MUSCLE on 28.11.2005 09:00 am
Darren Gumbs places 3rd at IFBB Worlds
by LA MUSCLE on 24.11.2005 09:00 am
Marina Cornwall wins world Championships
by LA MUSCLE on 14.11.2005 09:00 am
Iain Smith runner up at the Worlds
by LA MUSCLE on 13.11.2005 09:00 am
Kevin Skelland wins world championsips
by LA MUSCLE on 13.11.2005 09:00 am
LA Whey Bar Wrapper wins prestigious award
by LA MUSCLE on 11.11.2005 09:00 am



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