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I am training but why am I losing muscle?


Sometimes, you will look better and bigger if you don’t train. You will notice that when you start training, you see yourself shrink and lose muscle. Why is this? Let’s find out…

How muscles end up smaller than before

Your body requires fuel to function. When you train, you put an extra burden on the body and unless you eat more food in the form of carbohydrates and protein, you will force the body to go into your muscles and use them up for fuel.

The reason why you end up looking smaller or no different at all during intense training is that you are not feeding your body well enough to make sure your muscles are protected. You are not providing extra protein to make sure what muscles you already have is not used up. Let’s find out how you can change this…

Protein is your insurance

For many of you, if you are not going to take in extra protein, then you may as well not train at all. You will look better because your body won’t search for extra fuel by going inside your muscles.

If you want to train, get big, look big and grow your muscles, then you need to take in extra protein. An average amount would be between 50-100g of extra protein per day. This ensures that your training actually benefits you and your physique does not shrink at the end of it all.

Whey protein is the best for this as it has all the amino acids you need for maintenance and growth. LA Whey is the one with the highest Branch Chain Amino Acid content and developed especially for body builders wanting a real body building protein and not just normal whey (which is cheap and widely available).

Your secret extra insurance

If you are an Ectomorph and you lose muscles particularly fast or you find that you just can’t get big, then your missing link will be an anti-catabolic product. Branch Chain Amino Acids and CLA are very powerful anti-catabolics. What they do is that they go into your system and they effectively block off your muscles from being used for fuel.

Anti-catabolics are powerful agents in ensuring you build a muscular body and that you don’t end up losing muscles even if you get your protein wrong, don’t take in enough or miss out taking extra protein on some days.

LA Muscle’s best anti-catabolics are Sculpt and 311BCAAs. As a premium sports nutrition company, LA Muscle provides the best products along-side the best advice.





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