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So you think you don't need protein to build muscles?

Let's prove that you do...


Protein is THE most important food if you are looking to build and maintain muscle mass. There are however those who don’t think it as important as it really is or play down the role of protein.

We would rather you just trust experts like LA Muscle who say you need a high amount of daily protein if you are muscle building. However for those non believers, here is something you can do at home to prove to you once and for all that you need a large amount of protein if you want to build and maintain muscle tissue.

Day 1-3

Carly Newson with her LA Whey proteinEat your normal meals and don’t pay any particular attention to having excess protein in your meals. i.e. eat carbs, veg, fruit, protein etc as you would normally do. Train as normal, take a photo of your body.

Day 4 – 6

Replace all carbohydrates and fruit with protein. So your meals will be ALL protein based with vegetables.
Morning: Eggs, dairy products, tea, coffee, etc
Mid morning: If hungry, low fat cheese or LA Whey Protein Shake
Lunch: Lean meats, steak, chicken, fish etc with vegetables
Mid afternoon: Low fat cheese, yoghurt or LA Whey protein shake
Dinner: Same as lunch
Drink 2 litres of water a day
Train as normal.
Take a photo of your body.

Day 7 – 9

Try and avoid protein-rich foods.
Train as normal.
Take a photo.

Compare the three photos.

You will absolutely and categorically see a totally different person in days 4-6. This is a guarantee. You will be much more muscular and ripped. The only change here has been protein intake and taking out excess carbs. You will be much more muscular on protein only than carbs only.
You don’t necessarily need carbs to build, repair and maintain muscles but you absolutely need protein. Ideally you need 1-1.5g per lb of body weight per day.



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